Thursday, October 30, 2014

Welcome to the 2014 Postseason

Welcome to the 2014 UEFL Postseason. The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League begins the postseason with its Year End Awards. Nominations remain open through Sunday, November 2 with distribution beginning Monday, November 3. Following the Awards is the annual UEFL Rules Summit, the sandbox for discussion of controversial issues and other topics that surfaced during the 2014 season. The Summit concludes with a round of voting on proposed rules changes.

For instance, the 2013 Rules Summit gave us our points structure for Instant Replay Reviews and restriction of appeal eligibility.

The UEFL Appeals Board has also rendered its final decision of the 2014 season with reversals of E-181 and E-182: Kellogg, Bellino 3, 7. Present members of the UEFL Appeals Board have the option of sitting for re-election during the Rules Summit.