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Anonymous said...

I do hope this is posted somewhere on here but Bob Davidson is NO longer a MLB umpire. I cite various box scores where his name no where to be found, and the Mark Carlson is now wearing number 6 on his sleeve.

Anonymous said...

Huh, Bob Davidson is retired? On March 23, he evidently snuck in to be a home plate umpire during the Royals vs Dodgers Spring training game:

"It was dynamic," Royals manager Ned Yost said of Hochevar's performance. "Bob Davidson, the home plate umpire, came over in the fifth inning and said, `He's ready to start the season.' He threw the ball extremely well. They all did. It was a good day for us pitching wise."

Also, it looks like he umpired first base during the Brewers-Padres game. Maybe he just switched sleeve numbers?

Spence1222 said...

For some reason or other Davidson has gone back to wearing no. 61 He was 31 in his NL days and that number is now in year 2 of empty(Mike Reilly).

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