Monday, October 1, 2012

Ejection 176: Marvin Hudson (3)

HP Umpire Marvin Hudson ejected Blue Jays Manager John Farrell for arguing an interference call in the bottom of the 10th inning of the Twins-Blue Jays game. With one out and one on, Blue Jays batter J.P. Arencibia swung at and missed a 1-2 slider from Twins pitcher Brian Duensing for a strikeout, dropped third strike on the final pitch in the dirt. As Arencibia ran toward first base, the throw by catcher Drew Butera to first baseman Chris Parmelee hit Arencibia's helmet and bounced away from Parmelee. Replays indicate Arencibia failed to run completely within the 3-foot runner's lane when contact occurred and in doing so interfered with Parmelee's ability to field the throw, the call was correct. At the time of the ejection, the contest was tied, 5-5. The Blue Jays ultimately won the contest, 6-5, in 10 innings.

This is Marvin Hudson (51)'s third ejection of 2012.
Marvin Hudson now has 6 points in the UEFL (2 Previous + 2 MLB + 2 Correct Call = 6).
Crew Chief Tim McClelland now has 4 points in the UEFL's Crew Division (3 Previous + 1 Correct = 4).

This is the 176th ejection of 2012.
This is the 81st Manager ejection and John Farrell's second ejection of 2012.
This is the Blue Jays' 6th ejection of 2012, 3rd in the AL East (BOS 13; TB 7; TOR 6; NYY 5; BAL 4).
This is John Farrell's first ejection since May 15 (Bill Miller; QOC = Incorrect).
This is Marvin Hudson's first ejection since September 15 (Davey Johnson; QOC = Incorrect).
This ejection ends a seven-day ejectionless drought, the longest such streak since 8/27-9/2/09.


  1. The video:

    Don't you just love how the idiot announcers automatically assumed that Hudson was wrong? Of course, he wasn't, but the idiot fans were still chanting profanities. Too bad the Blue Jays won that game.

  2. At first glance (in real motion), this looked like the correct call...How did the commentators screw this up so badly? Blind homerism sure is painful to hear.

  3. Point 1: usually Martinez and Tabler arent homers, they'll complement both teams and the umpires

    Point 2: did you guys watch the whole video, at the end once they saw that Arencibia was outside the running lane they said that Hudson made the right call

    1. Took them awhile though for them to acknowledge the call was correct, didn't it?

  4. has Marvin Hudson as almost 50 years old. He looks much younger than that.

  5. @ SJR

    yes it did but they were also watching in realtime from a high angle and then admited that Hudson was right when they saw the replay

  6. what was Ferrel's first ejection this year?

  7. Ferrel went after the infamous Brett Lawrie helmet-toss.

  8. I think Hudson has been one of the most improved Umpires along with Lance Barksdale over the last two years. Obviously a correct call and I find it funny Farrell gets ejected here. Remember last year Brian Knight didn't call this when he should have and Farrell got himself tossed when this call wasn't made. You can't have it both ways John.

  9. Also, could we get a Playoff predictions thread started. They do start on Friday! I am very interested how the Playoff Umpire crews will work with 10 teams now instead of 8.Will they use LCS crews for the play in game? will they have the same LDS crew that will do the 1 vs 4 series? Will they have even more Umpires in the Playoffs? I doubt the last suggestion is true but it will be interesting to see for sure. I also suspect we will see the CC work Game 3 behind the Plate in the LDS again. The higher seed now hosts games 3-5 and are on the road games 1-2. Like Bart Scott says, Can't Wait!!!

  10. So I guess because we a short on umpires due to injury etc. Paul Emmel, and Ted Barrett are working Important meaningful games.

  11. Expanding on my comment saying Hudson is one of the most improved Umpires, my main complaint about Hudson in the past was his strikezone which wasn't very good. Here is his zone from Today and it looks pretty solid to me. He has a lot of performances like this recently.

  12. Could those two mentioned above work playoff games? ^^

  13. Bryan, that is usually the way it works during the last series of the year. Also notice the Call-ups being used, the usuals like Carapazza, Estabrook, Reyburn and Conroy are not being used. instead we are seeing the likes of Ripperger, Tumpane, Fagan and Basner all of whom have had little to no time in the Majors this year. They put those guys on meaningless games like Astros-Cubs and Twins-Blue Jays and they switch off one of their veterans to important series. So that is why you are seeing the crew in this game as McClelland,Hudson,Fagan,Basner. A very young crew on a very meaningless series to get plate jobs to Basner and Fagan. This is the second straight series McClelland's crew has done this and the second straight series McClelland will not get a plate job. In fact he hasn't had one since last Tuesday. But this is the time of year to get the young guys looks. In order to do this they sent Ted Barrett to an important Orioles-Rays series and he replaces Rapuano instead of Conroy. As good a job as Conroy has done, the MLB would rather a guy like Ted Barrett working the plate in a meaningful series with playoff implications. I'm sure Chris understands this.

    I am also kind of surprised to see CB Bucknor get the plate for the final Red Sox-Yankees game. I have always defended him and this tells me MLB feels comfortable with him in a big game. He has actually put together some really good strike zones this season, not just by his standards but by league standards. Before you huys come in and tell me that is just how the rotation worked out that does not matter. Last season on the last day of the year the four big games were handled by Hirschbeck,West,Scott and Danley. Thos are four veteran Umpires whom MLB clearly felt comfortable with and for good reason. I can tell you that if they stuck to rotations it would not have set up that way with those four umpires. Cederstrom's crew also did that this year. His crew is on Rangers-A's and if they stuck to rotations it would have been Adrian Johnson behind the plate on Wednesday. It is now set up so Cederstrom has the plate that game.

    So it sets up like this for Wednesday's potential "big games"

    Red Sox@Yankees- CB Bucknor
    Orioles@Rays- Ted Barrett
    Rangers@A's- Gary Cederstrom
    Dodgers@Giants(possibly meaningful)- Larry Vanover
    Reds@Cardinals(#1 seed)- Alfonso marquez
    Phillies@Nationals(#1 seed)-Greg Gibson

    *of course not all of these series may be meaningful, but it is interesting to see how the MLB handled the assignments.

  14. To answer your other question Bryan, I would be absolutely shocked if Ted Barrett did not work the Playoffs. He is there every season. Emmel is there most seasons and it probably won't change this year. But I will be honest, i think Emmel is a little overrated. He is decent eneough to work playoff games most years, but I don't think he is good enough to work the Playoffs every year. I think Ed Hickox and Jim Reynolds to name a few are much better than Emmel yet they are inconsistent as far as Playoff assignments. All that being said, Emmel will probably be in the Playoffs cause he usually is.

  15. Ain't it nice to see the Twins involved in an ejection and Gardy remaining in the game afterwards?

  16. The ejection drought is ovah!!!!

  17. @ Anon(s) 9:43 and 9:50

    Yeah, I know they admitted Hudson was right once they saw the replay. I was lambasting them for jumping to conclusions and assuming Hudson was wrong when he was not.

  18. If you actually think that this is defiant homerism then I don't know what DeWayne Staats (Rays), Hawk Harrelson (Sox), and Bob Schroeder of the Brewers would even be called. You cannot even compare them.

  19. Buck and Pat are good announcers, watching that in real time from behind in the 3rd deck at Rogers center and when it is something you rarely see called it is understandable that you don't recognize it right away. Of course they admitted their mistake which is good, as the posters above said can you imagine how some of the real homer broadcasters would react.

  20. As Umpsrule said above, I too lambasted them for their rush to judgment.

    And I am thankful this was not the Chicago White Sox.

  21. i know this doesnt matter now because its three months later. But i dont believe this call was correct. The runner lane rule doesnt say that a runner HAS to run within the three foot lane. Once a batter has completed his at bat and then becomes the batter-runner he has to establish where he is going to run. He either has to run within the lane or has to run complelty outside of it. Where ever he establishes himself at the 45ft mark (where the running lane begins) is where he must run for the rest of the 45ft to first base. So if he is outside of the running lane when he crosses the 45ft mark he must continue to run outside the whole way. According to the replay the batter-runner started outside the lane and continued outside the lane all the way down. To reinforce my opinion, this rule interpretation is why you here catchers yell "inside" or "outside" when throwing down to first. Its because where ever the runner is he has to continue either outside or inside the lane, and the catcher will throw where ever the runner is not. Again not sure if it even matters this late in the year but i miss baseball so maybe some rule discussions will give me my baseball fix for december. merry christmas and happy quanza.

  22. Rule doesn't say anything about bring consistently in or ou, just that if he's not in the lane, he can be called for interference. Call looks correct.