Monday, January 13, 2014

UEFL Releases Official Rules for 2014 Season

The 2014 Official Rules of the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League were released Monday to the UEFL Portal's UEFL Rules Book page and, new for 2014, in downloadable PDF form. Amongst the new features in 2014 are the Divisions of the Code, Foreword and other introductory sections, including a Summary of Rule Changes for 2014. An Index was also added to the end of the PDF document.

The nine UEFL rule titles, foreword and a list of various UEFL committees and panels for 2014 are:

Table of QOC Time Frame and Exemptions, Rule 6.
Divisions of the Code
Rule 1 Selection of Umpires
Rule 2 The Season
Rule 3 Crew Division
Rule 4 League Scoring
Rule 5 Statistics
Rule 6 Challenges and Appeals
Rule 7 Unresolved Classifications
Rule 8 Umpire
Rule 9 Unaddressed and Authorization Provisions

This code of rules governs the operations of the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League, as held by Close Call Sports (“CCS”), and includes but it is not limited to Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (“UEFL”) and Umpire Ejection Fantasy League Express (“UEFL Express”) divisions and associated properties, including, but not limited to, the Technical Foul Fantasy League (“TFFL”).

We recognize that in the realm of fantasy sports, comprehensive rules may not exist in great variety, much less whatsoever for the specifically esoteric officiating-based fantasy activity. Accordingly, we are happy to make our rules available to all formal, amateur or friendly leagues/groups. As such, it is important to bear in mind that certain specifications as to draft, challenges or grievance procedures may need to be modified to meet each league’s specific needs.

This code, having been generated specifically for implementation by the official Umpire Ejection Fantasy League, shall constitute the official playing rules for the CCS-held UEFL and, unless otherwise officially amended by bulletin, directive, sanctioned vote or post, shall serve as the first and terminal code for observance, governance and enforcement of or by the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League.

Gil Imber,* Chair ... Jeremy Dircks* (* also UEFL Commissioners)
UEFL Membership (Rules Summit Adoptions)

2014 UEFL Appeals Board
Gil Imber, Chair and Ex Officio Member
Jeremy Dircks, Ex Officio Member
Tmac, Senior Member
RichMSN, Senior Member
BT_Blue, Ranking Member
Turducken, Ranking Member
[vacancy] (vacant at time of publication; see Rule 6-4-a-2).

© 2014 by Close Call Sports. All rights reserved.


  1. Was not expecting a thanks in the Important Note section.

  2. Absolutely - your template and especially going to a 1-1-a-1 format instead of 1.01(a)(1) so as to differentiate it from OBR style was and continues to be a huge help.

  3. 6 new MLB umpires are set to be hired Tuesday afternoon est. Plus two new crew chiefs. Good luck guys! It will change your life forever. In order to staff instant replay they are adding 2 additional crews.

  4. How does one sign up to play in the UEFL for this coming season?