Monday, January 30, 2017

Andrew Bell Injured, Spectator Wilson Fills in as Ump

ABL Umpire Andrew Bell was taken to hospital after a foul ball injury to his right forearm on Friday, and returned to work Sunday's game with only bruises to show for it.

With none out in the top of the 4th inning of Friday's Blue Sox-Bite game, Blue Sox batter Malik Collymore fouled a 0-2 fastball from Bite pitcher Sean Callegari above catcher Marcus Greene Jr.'s glove and into umpire Bell's right arm.

Bell was replaced for the remainder of the contest behind the plate by 1B Umpire Ian Reval, with 3B Umpire Payne Sowter remaining at third base while Mark Wilson—who was attending the game as a fan and is on the Adelaide umpiring panel—borrowed a uniform and filled in at first base.

After a scheduled day off on Saturday, Bell returned to officiate Sunday's game on the bases.
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Video via "Read More"

Video: Bell leaves game due to foul ball injury in the fourth inning (47:05)

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