Thursday, July 30, 2020

More History as Moscoso is First Triple-Digit MLB Ump

Edwin Moscoso made history of a different sort Wednesday night in Anaheim as he wore a triple-digit sleeve number, signifying the first MLB umpire in modern history to wear three digits on his uniform. 

#109 served as home plate umpire for the Mariners-Angels game with Bill Miller's crew, and, according to Uni-Watch's accurate observation, might have looked like he was wearing Phil Cuzzi's number 10 or Brian Gorman's 9 (but with an extra zero in front of it) depending on the camera angle.

Given that both Cuzzi and Gorman have opted out of 2020, that might not be too confusing...until another one of the rookie fill in umpires to debut during this modified season also wears a triple-digit number in the 100-108 range...or until 2021 rolls around, unless MLB's plan is to only use triple digits (and their associated umpires) for 2020, signifying the umpiring shortage due to opt-outs and necessitated overflow pool of minor league call-ups.

Moscoso made his big league debut July 23 in Los Angeles. Holding true to baseball's goal of regional crews and limited travel, he made it all the way to Anaheim in the span of a week. Or, depending on which MLB owner you ask, he might not have even left LA.
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