Saturday, October 8, 2011

Discussions: 2011 Championship Series

As the ALCS & NLCS get underway, we again open the umpire forum to discussion, below. Notes include home plate umpire performance according to pitch f/x and UEFL Rules 6.b.ii.a. (horizontal bound, "Kulpa Rule") and 6.b.ii.b. (vertical strike zone, "Miller Rule"). Plays include significant plays, if such plays occur. For future games, notes include home plate umpire probables. "If necessary" games are not included. ALCS = Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers. NLCS = St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers.

- Final, STL@MIL, 6: Winters finishes the Championship Series with 95.1%.
- Final, DET@TEX, 6: Hallion called 94.8% during a Texas rout.
- Final, MIL@STL, 5: Miller scores 90.3% in one of the shortest CS games to date.
- Final, MIL@STL, 4: Everitt struck by foul in 5th; finishes with 91.8% (Pre-5: 90.8% (79-87) Post-5: 93.3% (56-60)).
- Final, TEX@DET, 5: Nelson misses just two pitches and calls a remarkable 98.7%, best of the postseason.
- Final, MIL@STL, 3: Holbrook keeps the NL crew average above the AL crew with a 91.9% performance.
- Final, TEX@DET, 4: Culbreth calls 92.6% during his contest's extra innings affair.
- Final, TEX@DET, 3: Wolf earns 90.2% during his Championship Series debut at Comerica Park.
- Final, STL@MIL, 2: Timmons goes 93.3% during a Cardinals dominated offensive spectacle.
- Final, DET@TEX, 2: Vanover finishes at 92.0% as his game goes a postseason-leading 11 innings.
- Final: DET@TEX, 1: Welke starts off the ALCS with <90.0% through stormy Texas weather.
- Final: STL@MIL, 1: Darling finishes with a very impressive 95.8% after issuing warnings in the 1st inning.

Notes and Archives
DET@TEX, Gm1: HP Umpire Tim Welke: pfx (50-53 Called Strikes, 87-102 Balls = <90.0%)
STL@MIL, Gm1: HP Umpire Gary Darling: pfx (51-53 Called Strikes, 107-112 Balls = 95.8%)

DET@TEX, Gm2: HP Umpire Larry Vanover: pfx (49-56 Called Strikes, 113-120 Balls = 92.0%)
STL@MIL, Gm2: HP Umpire Tim Timmons: pfx (49-52 Called Strikes, 104-111 Balls = 93.3%)

TEX@DET, Gm3: HP Umpire Jim Wolf: pfx (41-48 Called Strikes, 79-85 Balls = 90.2%)
MIL@STL, Gm3: HP Umpire Sam Holbrook: pfx (32-40 Called Strikes, 104-108 Balls = 91.9%)

TEX@DET, Gm4: HP Umpire Fieldin Culbreth: pfx (46-50 Called Strikes, 104-112 Balls = 92.6%)
MIL@STL, Gm4: HP Umpire Mike Everitt: pfx (46-54 Called Strikes, 89-93 Balls = 91.8%)

TEX@DET, Gm5: HP Umpire Jeff Nelson: pfx (54-56 Called Strikes, 93-93 Balls = 98.7%)
MIL@STL, Gm5: HP Umpire Bill Miller: pfx (39-50 Called Strikes, 82-84 Balls = 90.3%)

DET@TEX, Gm6: HP Umpire Tom Hallion: pfx (35-37 Called Strikes, 111-117 Balls = 94.8%)
STL@MIL, Gm6: HP Umpire Mike Winters: pfx (47-53 Called Strikes, 108-110 Balls = 95.1%)

DET@TEX, Gm 1: Welke calls for the tarp a second time during a downpour in Arlington, Texas
STL@MIL, Gm 1: Darling issues warnings to Cards and Brewers after Fielder is hit by a pitch in the 1st
DET@TEX, Gm 2: Umpires conference, overturn wild pitch call to hit by pitch
- ALCS, Gm 2: Jim Leyland is upset because he alleges that umpires are not allowed to ask for help
STL@MIL, Gm 2: Cardinals get a double play with a little help from 1B Umpire Sam Holbrook
TEX@DET, Gm 3: Wolf is mic'd up, jokes with the Tigers clubhouse attendants/ball boys and players
TEX@DET, Gm 4: Culbreth orders stadium security to remove distracting gold colored jacket from seating area
MIL@STL, Gm 4: Everitt makes a terrific safe call at home plate / Foul ball strikes below padding
MIL@STL, Gm 4: Darling calls time, but play continues; Dotel strikes out Weeks anyway
TEX@DET, Gm 5: Umpire Nelson Falls Two Pitches Short of Perfection [Bleacher Report Article]
DET@TEX, Gm 6: Culbreth elects not to call spectator interference on Bartman-like foul ball
DET@TEX, Gm 6: Hallion speaks with George W. Bush, perception of bias strikes Tigers fans
DET@TEX, Gm 6: Welke rules no swing on Cruz, broadcasters waste no time in offering disagreement
STL@MIL, Gm 6: Darling calls Braun out on a close diving play at first base

*Live accuracy rates are not available during reviews, challenges or during suspiciously normalized contests.
'The UEFL reports all sub-90.0% accuracy games as "<90.0%"

Friday, October 7, 2011

Roster: 2011 Championship Series Umpires

MLB has announced the 2011 ALCS and NLCS Umpires. The American and National League Championship Series are the second and penultimate round of the 2011 MLB Playoffs.

Tim Welke -cc (3 pts)
Larry Vanover (2 pts)
Jim Wolf* (2 pts)
Fieldin Culbreth (2 pts)
Jeff Nelson (17 pts)
Tom Hallion (8 pts)

Gary Darling -cc (9 pts)
Tim Timmons* (4 pts)
Sam Holbrook (18 pts)
Mike Everitt (2 pts)
Bill Miller (-2 pts)
Mike Winters (6 pts)

-cc denotes Crew Chief, * denotes first Championship Series assignment. Per UEFL Rule 4.c.ii, all umpires selected to appear in the Championship Series shall receive two bonus point for this appearance; crew chiefs shall receive one additional bonus point for this role (three points total).

News: MLB Announces League Championship Series Umpires

The UEFL Standings have been updated:

1. kickersrule (West/Wendelstedt) - 38
2. sachmet (West/Bellino) - 33
3. tt49 (Wendelstedt/Guccione) - 32
3. mtn335 (West/Hudson) - 32
5. yawetag (Hernandez/Joyce) - 30
6. cyclone14 (Wegner/Johnson) - 28
6. BONZ_kansascity (West/Hernandez) - 28
8. RichMSN (West/Emmel) - 26
9. BSBALLUMP (Rapuano/Drake) - 25
10. ump_24 (Hernandez/Timmons) - 23