Long before Close Call Sports came into existence, the Left Field Corner was launched as a small blog on LiveJournal. From 2007 through March 2011, the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League existed in this location until a move to the more reliable and customizable blogspot address,, which is now

Over the years, the UEFL and CCS have evolved from an occasional e-mail that might have read: "5/9/06: Umpire Charlie Reliford (1, NYY Bernie Williams), Umpire Doug Eddings (1, NYM Julio Franco)" (look it up, it's accurate) to one of the first Left Field Corner blog posts, "Ejections: Rob Drake (1)." In 2010, the league opened to non-invitees and in 2011, the UEFL welcomed 37 participants.

Close Call Sports has always been dedicated to objective and fair analysis, transparency and accuracy. Interaction amongst website visitors and subscribers is accordingly encouraged, as is feedback via e-mail to the CCS staff.

CCS is an accepted and reliable source of MLB umpire and ejection information and data; over the years, we have been cited, quoted, and referenced by national media outlets such as ESPN, FOX Sports, Yahoo! Sports, Sports Illustrated, The New Yorker, USA Today, and Huffington Post, as well as local papers from The Los Angeles Times to The Minnesota Star Tribune, as well as online sports websites, The Hardball Times, SportsonEarth, Bleacher Report, and SBNation, and Major League Baseball itself, care of View a sampling of these features, below.

If you require accurate and timely rules interpretations, call analysis or other officiating-related services, rest assured Close Call Sports is devoted to delivering quality results.

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