Thursday, November 24, 2011

Football Ejections: Terry McAulay

Continuing the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League "Other Sports" coverage, we turn to the National Football League on this Thanksgiving night.

Referee and Crew Chief Terry McAulay ejected Green Bay Packers defensive back Patrick Lee for an unsporting personal foul with 0:30 left in the second quarter and Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for an unsporting personal foul with 9:16 left in the third quarter of the Packers-Lions Thanksgiving game. In the second quarter, Lee became entangled with multiple Lions players during a punt play. Though no penalty was called until the ball became dead, Lee was punished for his apparent retaliation for what he felt was an uncalled series of penalties committed by Detroit. Replays indicate Lee appeared to have been held by a combination of two Lions players, the call was incorrect. In the third quarter, after Packers QB Aaron Rodgers threw an incomplete pass intended for wide receiver Donald Driver, Suh and the Packers' Evan Dietrich-Smith became tangled. Replays indicate Suh slammed Dietrich-Smith's helmet into the ground after the play, followed by a kick to the Dietrich-Smith's right arm. This call is correct per 2011's UEFL Rule 6.b.ii.e., which governs ejections for Fighting; this call would be irrecusable (neither correct nor incorrect) per 2012's UEFL Rule 6-2-b-5. As McAulay noted in his penalty announcement, Suh was disqualified immediately upon committing his flagrant personal foul. At the time of both ejections, the Packers were leading, 7-0. The Packers ultimately won the contest, 27-15.

Wrap: Packers at Lions, 11/24/11
Video (1): Packers DB Patrick "Pat" Lee is ejected for throwing a punch
Video (2): Lions DT Ndamukong Suh is ejected for kicking Packers OL Evan Dietrich-Smith

Monday, November 21, 2011

Results: 2011 Rules Summit

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2011 Rules Summit is now complete. The following includes an abbreviated list of proposals and initiatives which have been adopted by the UEFL Office of the Commissioner. These proposals are now rules and will take immediate effect. To view the unabridged 2012 UEFL Rules Book, click here or visit the "UEFL Rules Book" tab.

Please note that signups for the 2012 UEFL will begin over the holiday weekend. Further instructions will be contained within the signups and registrations post. The signup process will run until early March.

Rule 1 - Selection of Umpires
Adopted: Poll 1. Four umpires, 1 Crew Chief + 1 Primary + 1 Secondary (69%)
Adopted: Poll 3. Pre-assigned draft order (54%) / Rejected: Poll 3. Live draft (42%)

Rule 2 - The Season
Rejected: Poll 2. Adoption of the injury provision (39%)

Rule 3 - Crew Division
Rule 4 - League Scoring
Rule 5 - Statistics

Rule 6 - Challenges and Appeals
Adopted: Poll 4. Creation of a three (3) member appeals board (64%)
Adopted: Poll 6. Elimination of QOC from unsportsmanlike ejections (76%)
Rejected: Poll 5. Removal of the post-inning exemption (37%)
Rejected: Poll 7. Elimination of QOC from check swings (32%)

Rule 7 - Unresolved Classifications and References

Rule 8 - Umpire Odds & Ends and Community Issues
Rejected: Poll 8. Adoption of posting guidelines (39%)

Rule 9 - Unaddressed and Authorization Provisions
Adopted: Poll 9. Commissioners as restricted participants (73%)

Stay tuned for 2012 UEFL registration and instructions on Appeals Board nominations.