Thursday, December 16, 2021

Umpires Gibson, Reyburn Return to Tripp's KY Hometown to Rebuild Mayfield After Tornado

MLB umpire Tripp Gibson returned to his hometown of Mayfield, Kentucky, and was joined by colleague DJ Reyburn as the pair helped members of the community pick up the pieces after a tornado devastated the town.

Gibson described the scene to "The movie ‘Twister’ is nothing compared to the damage I’ve seen. To me, it’s just as eerie as New York City, Times Square, during COVID. It just doesn’t seem real. The landmark buildings that you use as waypoints are gone. You’re thinking, ‘I don’t even know where I am in this city right now.'"

UmpsCare Charities has set up a fundraising campaign to benefit those impacted by the tornadoes in Mayfield through The Independence Bank - Mayfield Graves Co. Tornado Relief Fund. As of Thursday, Umps Care had received $31,610 of a target goal of $25,000.

Monday, December 13, 2021

2021 UEFL Rules Summit Discussion

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League announces its 2021 UEFL Rules Summit, setting forth a framework for discussing issues and proposed amendments for the UEFL Rules Book ahead of baseball's 2022 season (assuming, naturally, the MLB owners-players' union lockout is settled in advance of it).

Over the next few days, this discussion thread will be a living document reflecting proposed changes to UEFL rules. Relevant dates as follows:

> Mon 12/13 thru Fri 12/17: Rules Summit discussion open.
> Weekend of 12/18: Rules Summit ballot prepared, voting begins. The ballot will remain open for at least three days.

You may propose a change to the UEFL rules by replying in a comment to this post and, accordingly, the document will be updated to reflect such proposals. Nonmaterial modifications and editorial changes will be underlined, deletions will feature strikethrough text, and material additions will be bold faced. Rationale for proposed changes and comments not part of the rule itself will be indicated in italics. See the UEFL Rules Book for reference.

Rule 1 (Selection of Umpires).

>> 1-2. Each member of the league shall select one two MLB crew chiefs to serve as UEFL crew chiefs.
Rationale: Adds a second crew chief to form a crew of six umpires. (from wwdj2200).

Rule 2 (The Season).
Rule 3 (Crew Division).

Rule 4 (League Scoring).

>> 4-4-h. An umpire whose season is recognized as Most Disappointing Season (min. 0 / max. 1 umpire) will receive -1 bonus points. An umpire may not receive this Award unless nominated by a user in the comments section of the Nominations/Awards discussion with a reason for this recognition.
Rationale: Umpires such as John Hirschbeck and Vic Carapazza have had the ballot box spammed even in years where they justifiably received a playoff assignment. (from Michael).

>> 4-8. Any umpire calling a no-hitter shall receive 3 UEFL points.
Rationale: Just for fun; an umpire having a down season can get a boost. (from Alex Cheriel).

>> 4-9. +1 point shall be given for each game in which an umpire scores 98% or greater in accuracy; -1 point shall be given for each game in which an umpire scores less than 92% in accuracy, pursuant to UmpScorecards metrics.
Rationale: Awards points to more accurate umpires and punishes less accurate umpires, according to the UmpScorecards method of calculating accuracy. (from Stephen Gossman).

Rule 5 (Statistics).

Rule 6 (Challenges and Appeals).

>> 6-2-b-7. Quality of Correctness for an ejection that occurs after umpire consultation or instant replay review, wherein the initial call was changed during or after consultation/review, shall be adjudged by the correctness of the call after consultation/review. Any ejection as a result of a Replay Review decision should be classified QOCU.
Rationale: There are so many scenarios that it is hard to judge "correctness" and distribute points fairly. The umpire who made the original call, the one who made the ejection, and the one who made the replay review are 2 or 3 different people. In the worst cases an on-field umpire receives negative points for an ejection over an incorrect replay review decision. Would remove QOC attribution of +1 (confirmed/upheld) / -1 (overturned) points for Review ejections. (from Alex Cherliel).

>> 6-4-a-5. The Appeals Board shall vote upon matters by casting a vote for "Confirm," "Uphold," "Overturn," "Defer" or "Abstain" (Present). Though a simple majority is required to reverse or defer a decision, a plurality is required to affirm a decision. Decisions shall be determined through the use of a points system in which each Confirm vote is worth +1 point, each Overturn is -1 point, Uphold is +0.5, and Defer/Abstain is +0. After tallying each vote, if the outcome is greater than or equal to zero (0), the Original Ruling shall be Affirmed; if the outcome is less than zero, the Original Ruling shall be Reversed.
Rationale: I have never been comfortable with “confirming” a ruling where NO appeals board member can say they agree with it. Upholds alone cannot IMHO be the basis for a confirmation where there are votes to overturn. A points system should help to prevent this. (from MarkCanada).

Rule 7 (Unresolved Classifications and References).

Rule 8 (Umpire Odds & Ends and Community Issues).

>> 8-1-h. This rule applies to all posters no matter their previous line of employment; these penalties will be enforced without bias.
Rationale: Even-handed enforcement of Guidelines and preservation of a civil atmosphere. (from Znyhusmoen).

Rule 9 (Unaddressed and Authorized Provisions).

2021 UEFL Appeals Board members who will seek re-election for 2022 via the 2021 Rules Summit:
> Lindsay. 2022: Yes (not subject to election), Ex-Officio Member.
> tmac. 2022: Yes (not subject to election), Ex-Officio Member.
> Jeremy. 2022: Yes (not subject to election), Ex-Officio Member.
> RichMSN. 2022: Yes (not subject to election), Ex-Officio Member.
> Arik G. 2022: Yes (will appear on the Rules Summit ballot).
> cyclone14. 2022: Yes (will appear on the Rules Summit ballot).
> MarkCanada. 2022: Yes (will appear on the Rules Summit ballot).
> jvick2017. 2022: Yes (will appear on the Rules Summit ballot).
> Scott C. 2022: Yes (will appear on the Rules Summit ballot).