Saturday, January 9, 2016

ABL Ejections - Takahito Matsuda (Dave Nilsson, E Green)

Australian Baseball 1B Umpire Takahito Matsuda ejected Brisbane Bandits Manager Dave Nilsson and pitcher Eric Green for arguing a foul ball call (reversed fair call) by HP Umpire James Shields in the bottom of the 9th inning of the Blue Sox-Bandits game. With one out and none on, Bandits batter Mitch Nilsson hit a 2-2 fastball from Blue Sox pitcher Keiji Uezono in the air between home plate and third base. Replays indicate Blue Sox third baseman Joshua Dean attempted to catch the fly ball, but are inconclusive as to whether Dean made contact with the baseball prior to it bouncing into foul territory, the call was irrecusable. At the time of the ejection, the game was tied, 7-7. The Bandits ultimately won the contest 8-7, in 11 innings.

This is Dave Nilsson's first ejection since December 20, 2015 (Gavin Carson; QOC = U [Fighting]).
This is Takahito Matsuda's first ejection since November 28, 2015 (2 x Vavra; QOC = Y [HBP/Ball]).

Wrap: Sydney Blue Sox vs. Brisbane Bandits (Australian Baseball League), 1/9/16
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Friday, January 8, 2016

ABL Ejections - Blake Halligan, Andrew Bell (2 Vavras)

Australian Baseball 3B Umpire Blake Halligan ejected Aces 1B Trey Vavra and HP Umpire Andrew Bell ejected Aces Manager Joe Vavra for arguing Bell's foul ball call (reversed HR call) in the top of the 8th inning of the Aces-Bite game. With two out and one on, Vavra hit a 3-2 fastball from Bite pitcher Nick Talbot in the air to left field and out of the playing field. Replays indicate the ball appeared to leave the field in foul territory, the call was correct. At the time of the ejections, the Bite were leading, 11-2. The Bite ultimately won the contest, 11-2.

This is Joe Vavra's first ejection since November 28, 2015 (Takahito Matsuda; QOC = Y [HBP/Ball]).
This is Blake Halligan's first ejection since December 26, 2015 (Steve Mintz; QOC = U [Balls/Strikes]).

Wrap: Melbourne Aces vs. Adelaide Bite (Australian Baseball League), 1/8/16
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Australian Ejection - Gavin Carson (Kevin Boles)

Australian Baseball HP Umpire Gavin Carson ejected Perth Heat Manager Kevin Boles for arguing a hit by pitch call in the bottom of the 7th inning of the Heat-Cavalry game. With two out and one on, Cavalry batter River Stevens took a 0-1 fastball from Heat pitcher Edgar Valle for a hit by pitch. Replays indicate the pitch did not appear to make contact with Stevens' person or uniform, the call was incorrect. At the time of the ejection, the Heat were leading, 8-2. The Heat ultimately won the contest, 9-4.

This is Gavin Carson's first ejection since a bench clearing brawl on December 20, 2015 (Josh Warner [Throwing At], Dave Nilsson & David Harris [Fighting]; QOC = U).

Wrap: Perth Heat vs. Canberra Cavalry (Australian Baseball League), 1/3/16
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