Monday, November 14, 2011

Polls: 2011 Rules Summit

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League has concluded its week-long Rules Summit discussion and now it is time to vote for rules modifications and additions as we continue our preparations for the 2012 baseball season.

The following matters have been proposed during the Rules Summit discussion this past week and are now ready for a membership vote. You will notice several polls within this post, one for each proposed rule modification. Each poll carries its own set of instructions, including whether you may select one or multiple options. Please consider your options and vote prudently: upon Commissioner approval, all passing proposals will become rules for the 2012 UEFL season. The Rules Summit polls will close Monday, November 21, at 12:01 am PST.

Proposal 1: Restructuring the Primary and Secondary Umpires

  • Poll 1: Shall the UEFL expand to four drafted umpires? This would result in the drafting of a crew chief, who would receive one point for any non-incorrect ejection by any person on said crew chief's crew (incorrect ejections would receive zero points). The primary umpire would remain and the secondary umpire would be expanded to two secondary umpires.
  • Poll 2: Shall the UEFL employ an injury provision? If so, how shall this system function? This would result in the replacement of an umpire mid-season if said umpire becomes injured.
  • Poll 3: Shall draft order be pre-assigned? Shall the secondary draft be conducted in a live format? This would result in a preseason process to determine draft order. League signups would need to be completed by the beginning of March in order to create and distribute this draft order.
Proposal 2: Creation of a UEFL Appeals Board

  • Poll 4: Shall an Appeals Board be created? This would result in the creation of a 3/5/7 person board which would routinely rule on QOC challenges.
Proposal 3: Elimination of the Post-Inning Exemption, Balls/Strikes Exemptions

  • Poll 5: Shall the post-inning exemption be removed from the rules? This would result in all post-inning ejections (other than ejections regarding the third out) to be ruled unsportsmanlike.
Proposal 4: Elimination of QOC for "6.b.ii.e" Unsportsmanlike/Throwing/Fighting and Check Swing Ejections

  • Poll 6: Shall QOC be eliminated from "6.b.ii.e" ejections? This would result in only two base points per ejection (three for a AAA umpire), instead of four or five (2+2=4 becomes 2+0=2).
  • Poll 7: Shall QOC be eliminated from check swing ejections? This would result in only two base points per ejection and the elimination of determining QOC for check swing calls.
Proposal 5: UEFL Posting Guidelines and Commissioners as League Participants

  • Poll 8: Shall posting guidelines be adopted? This would add standard guidelines for acceptable/unacceptable posts and comments.
  • Poll 9: Shall Commissioners be permitted to participants in the UEFL? This would allow UEFL Commissioners to draft umpires and participate in the league. Commissioner picks would remain mutually exclusive from one another and commissioners would be prohibited from ruling on their owned umpires' ejections and participating in case play discussions.
Polls 1-9: You may place your vote below using the following polls
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