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2021 UEFL Draft Prospectus & Umpire Statistics

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League presents its UEFL Draft Prospectus for 2021, which include ump statistics such as ejections and Replay Review information, dating back to the mid-2000s.

To register for and submit your Crew Chief, Primary, and Secondary Umpire draft picks, visit the 2021 UEFL Draft & Registration page. The 2021 draft closes March 31.

An additional related link is the UEFL Umpire Roster & Profiles page, which also includes game assignment history for the MiLB call-up umpires.

Historical Information and Draft Prospectus - 2021 UEFL Season
The following section provides statistics regarding top points-getter umpires and other leaders during past UEFL seasons. This information may also be found via the UEFL Portal's Historical Data page, which has been updated through the 2020 season. Umpires with names in strikeout are retired or otherwise ineligible for selection in the UEFL Draft.

General Information
Most Ejections Since 2005: 81 (Joe West), 70 (Marty Foster), 63 (Sam Holbrook).
Most Ejections Since 2014: 32 (Vic Carapazza, Will Little), 31 (Joe West), 28 (Dan Bellino), 25 (Bill Welke, Mark Ripperger), 23 (Mike Estabrook), 22 (Marty Foster, Sam Holbrook, Larry Vanover, John Tumpane, Carlos Torres).

2020 Umpire Leaderboard
"Perfect Crew" (Most Points): -cc Angel Hernandez (21 pts), P1/2 Ripperger (27 pts) & Bellino (22 pts), S1/2 Hernandez (18 pts) & Jim Reynolds (16 pts).
Ejections: Bellino (8); Ripperger (5); Carapazza, Little (4); Ted Barrett, Hernandez, Ron Kulpa (3).
Replay Points: Reynolds, Ripperger (6); Cory Blaser, Carapazza, Hernandez (5).
[Most Replays Experienced]: Ripperger (14); Eddings (13); Kulpa, Reynolds (12).
Review Accuracy-RAP: Blaser (1.000); Carapazza, Hernandez (.857).
Total Points: Ripperger (27); Bellino (22); Hernandez (21); Carapazza (18); Reynolds (17).
Crew Chief Points: Hernandez (21); T Barrett (12); Alfonso Marquez (11).
UEFL AwardsBest-Mark CarlsonPromising-Hoberg & TumpaneHonorable-Hernandez & West.

2019 Umpire Leaderboard
"Perfect Crew" (Most Points): -cc Holbrook (26); P1/2 Estabrook (41) & Jeff Nelson (24); S1/2 Alan Porter (24) & Bill Miller (21).
Ejections: Estabrook (13); Larry Vanover (9); Jeremie Rehak, West (7); Marquez (6).
Replay Points: Laz Diaz, Mike Muchlinski (9); Kerwin Danley, Adam Hamari (8).
[Most Replays Experienced]: Rob Drake (26); Dan Iassogna (25); Dan Bellino, Ron Kulpa (24).
Review Accuracy-RAP: Diaz, Miller, Muchlinski (.800); Danley (.786); Greg Gibson (.769).
Total Points: Estabrook (41); Porter (28); Miller, Nelson, Vanover (24); Torres (22).
Crew Chief Points: Holbrook (26); Vanover (23); Gary Cederstrom, Tom Hallion (21);
UEFL AwardsBest-Jim Wolf; Promising-Hoberg & Porter; Honorable-Cooper & Guccione.

2018 Umpire Leaderboard
"Perfect Crew" (Most Points): -cc Welke (19), P1/2 West (31) & Brian Gorman (25), S1/2 Tumpane (21) & T Barrett (21).
Ejections: Little (9); FletcherG GibsonGorman, HamariWendelstedt (6); CooperWest (5).
Replay Points: Fieldin Culbreth (9); Chad Fairchild, Gorman (8); Tumpane (7).
[Most Replays Experienced]: GormanCarapazzaCarlos TorresChris Guccione (24).
Review Accuracy-RAP: Fairchild (.722); CulbrethTim Timmons (.714); Tumpane (.684).
Total Points: West (31); GormanTumpane (25), Tripp Gibson (23), T Barrett (21).
Crew Chief Points: Welke (19); Gorman (14); Jerry Meals (13).
UEFL AwardsBest-T BarrettPromising-Hamari & BlaserHonorable-T Barrett & Cuzzi.

The prospectus continues after the page break for years 2010-2017.

Monday, March 22, 2021

Officiating on the Big Screen - King of the Hill

The latest Officiating on the Big Screen features a King of the Hill episode in which Hank and Peggy Hill play on the same team in Stickland Propane's company softball league. Umpire Jeff Boomhauer calls balls and strikes and at one point ejects a disgruntled Hank after a safe call doesn't go his way.

This particular analysis of the KoTH television episode "Take Me Out of the Ballgame" includes both softball and baseball rules discussion (the rules for this episode's purposes mostly match), and discusses such scenarios as legal/illegal equipment, a player having a heart attack on the field during a live ball, batter-runner Dale Gribble jumping over said incapacitated player, a pitcher who cannot find the strike zone, and former Texas Rangers slugger Kurt Bevacqua's climactic at-bat that could have ended differently.

Stick around until the end of the video to see a further analysis of the psychological nature of Hank's ill-fated argument with the umpire, and how Hank's onscreen anger is oddly representative of some of the outbursts umpires are witness to during real-world games, and how such umpire abuse, while acute and wrought with emotion, is rarely about a personal dispute with the umpire and instead may be an example of the defense mechanism known as displacement.
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Thatherton! | Video as follows: