Thursday, January 5, 2017

Truly Offseason - Joe West & the Caddyshack Yacht

In the spirit of the offseason, what do Joe West, Caddyshack, and Reel Deal Yachts have in common?

Apparently, not much anymore. According to UPI, November's World Series brought umpire Joe West and Caddyshack actor Bill Murray together, where West reportedly told Murray during Game 7 that he was purchasing the famous "Seafood" yacht from the movie.

Yet, here we are in January and the 1979 striker, real name "Big Dog," is still listed for sale on YachtWorld with the infamous sales pitch, "Being a Striker and built like a Tank, she can handle anything you throw at her! So if you are in the market for a fabulous rough water fishing boat with a bit of movie history thrown in, this is your boat! And at a great price as well! She needs some TLC but well worth the effort...."

Turns out, according to Striker Yacht Corp. CEO Edward Ennis, "it's a total piece of junk": The hull is damaged, the engine needs work, and there's mold afoot, which is slightly more significant than Rodney Dangerfield-as-Al Czervik's silver screen exclamation, "you scratched my anchor."

The January update in regards to the Big Dog/Caddyshack yacht situation suggests that the vessel's state of disrepair following years of service as a Dominican Republic fishing boat may have been enough to keep it on the market, where Reel Deal Yachts lists it for $129,000.


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