Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NFL Referee Tony Corrente Tumor-Free, Not Yet in the Clear

NFL Referee Tony Corrente began his offseason early to continue cancer treatment following his Saints vs. Lions wild-card playoff game in January.

During a Week One Steelers-Ravens mini-brawl, Corrente had felt a painful sensation in his mouth, prompting an exam and a diagnosis of cancer of the tongue at the throat. Corrente was then placed on chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which would run concurrent with the football season.

Throughout late January and into February, the chemotherapy and radiation treatments' side effects were very intense and very harrowing: "My quality of life was very poor. I felt like total crud with blisters from ear to ear on my neck, ulcerated blisters over most of my tongue and the same blistering in my throat." Corrente's diet was restricted to liquids, his throat unable to process solid food.

Corrente remained defiant: "My girlfriend, Sarah Schilke, kept telling me, 'All of this is only temporary.' Those words kept my spirits high."

Earlier this April, Corrente received the very welcome news that the tumor appears to have been eradicated, though Dr. Randall Weber was still concerned about one slightly irregular lymph node, which will prompt another examination next month to determine the extent of the irregularity.

Nonetheless, the very real prospect of being cancer-free has inspired Corrente: "I have been granted a second chance at life because of the power of friendship, prayer and the greatest team of doctors you could ever imagine. I will use this second chance to help others achieve their dreams and to live and experience all that I can take in with whatever amount of time I'm fortunate enough to have."

Corrente is a 17-year veteran of the NFL, a back judge during his debut in 1995 and a referee since the 1998 season. He has officiated 13 post-season contests, including 3 AFC and NFC Championships; he was an alternate in Super Bowl XL before working Super Bowl XLI as its referee.

News: Referee Corrente thrilled by great news in cancer fight


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