Thursday, September 6, 2012

NFL Replacement Officials Open 2012 Regular Season

The NFL's replacement referee corps opened the regular season Wednesday in New Jersey with the apt-named Jim Core serving as Referee of the seven-man officiating crew as NFL regulars Ed Hochuli, Mike Carey and the regular bloc remain locked out in the midst of a labor dispute between the League and the Referees' union.

Referee Core & Crew.            Photo: Julio Cortez/AP
Referee Core, Umpire Bob Shoulders, Head Linesman Gregory Maxwell, Line Judge Joshua Thurow, Side Judge Brian Stropolo, Field Judge Thaddious Foster and Back Judge Larry Babcock joined Replay Official and NFL veteran Dale Hamer—who is not affected by the labor stoppage—in officiating the hotly contested midweek debut at MetLife Stadium with the Cowboys coming away with the 24-17 victory.

The only significant play drawing the ire of media pundits occured in the second quarter, when it appeared Dallas' Orlando Scandrick was incorrectly not called for a hold against New York's Victor Gruz near the goal line, a no-call that some writers believe cost New York four points.

As for the NFLRA-NFL labor dispute itself, Commissioner Roger Goodell explained, "I have to look at this long-term ... It will get solved."

Final review? As much as advocates may have been looking for a replacement-induced mishap, Wednesday's season opener was decidedly smoother than expected. As NFL executive Ray Anderson summized: "No problems, just as we've been saying all along."

Wrap: Cowboys at Giants (NFL), 9/5/12


Anonymous said...

Mike Winters, Mark Wegner, cory blaser, jerry meals in for wally bell. YAnkees, vs. Orioles

Anonymous said...

scott's crew seems to have been disbanded, with miller in on layne's crew

Russ said...

It's very possible we could see Miller return to Scott's crew tommorow, they are off Today while Layne's crew isn't so they are not going to send Miller away in the middle of a series. The reason Miller was working with Layne's crew is because Vanover was out for about a week and a half. Bellino filled as the number 2 for the 1st series (yikes!), last week it was Bell, who seems to be with a different crew every week, and the last 2 series have been Miller. Scott's crew has been very young the last 2 series. For Giants@Cubs last week it was Scott, Rackley,Bucknor, Iassogna. But after Friday Bcknor dissapeared and was replaced by Toby Basner who was with them through Monday. Basner was then replaced by Cory Blaser on Tuesday as Basner had to work the IL Playoffs (see Vanover thread for my breakdown of those assignments). Now Blaser is in for Bell on Winters crew, telling me either Bell or Miller will be with Scott and the other will probably be with Layne this weekend.

Anonymous said...

How do you keep track of all of that?
What guys have been out the longest this year? I know Dreckman has been on the DL all year. Any other long-term absences?

cyclone14 said...

rapuano's been out a while- hernandez has been acting CC and chris conroy has quietly been with the crew a long time...

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