Sunday, October 7, 2012

Football (NFL) Ejection: Jeff Triplette

NFL Referee Jeff Triplette ejected Minnesota Vikings safety Harrison Smith for making contact with an official in the second quarter of the Titans-Vikings game. On third down & 19-to-go with 11:31 remaining in the second quarter, Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck's pass was intercepted by Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield. After the play, an altercation occurred between Smith and Titans wide receiver Nate Washington. As back judge Steve Freeman attempted to separate the players, replays indicate Smith committed a disqualifying foul ("He threw the official," CBS). At the time of the ejection, the Vikings were leading, 7-0.

Wrap: Tennessee Titans at Minnesota Vikings, 10/7/12
Video: Smith is ejected after making excessive contact with an official
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Anonymous said...

The phrase "excessive contact with an official" is used both here and on the NFL site. Does that imply that some level of contact with an official is acceptable?

Anonymous said...

NFL language likes to sensationalize everything. I mean, the official reason for ejection on their website is "excessive contact." Technically, I suppose any contact is "excessive" but I guess the pill is easier to swallow if you throw the word "excessive" in there.

I think the first sentence of this post got it right: ejected for "making contact with an official"

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