Thursday, October 4, 2012

Standings: End of 2012 Regular Season (Phase v)

As the 2012 MLB regular season transforms into the postseason, the UEFL releases its league standings through the end of Game 162. You can view the UEFL roster and standings at any time via the Member Roster / Results page, while ejections are available via the MLB Ejection List page.

With 2,430 games played and 0 regular season games remaining, heading into the postseason...

1. UmpAtty (Jerry Layne, Tim Tschida, Gary Darling, Mark Wegner) - 38
2. ThePeoplesChamp (Jerry Layne, Alfonso Marquez, Sam Holbrook, Angel Hernandez) - 36
3. mbosschaart (Joe West, Alfonso Marquez, Sam Holbrook, Dan Bellino) - 35
4. cyclone14 (Jerry Layne, Joe West, Mark Wegner, Greg Gibson) - 32
5. kickersrule (Dana DeMuth, Hunter Wendelstedt, Ed Hickox, Sam Holbrook) - 31
6. nwsquid (Joe West, Alfonso Marquez, Todd Tichenor, Ed Rapuano) - 28
6. JRD (Gary Darling, Dan Bellino, Tim Timmons, Scott Barry) - 28
8. tt49 (Jerry Layne, Joe West, Hunter Wendelstedt, Dan Bellino) - 25
9. Turducken (Gary Darling, Chad Fairchild, Marty Foster, Brian Knight) - 24
10. millerump18 (Joe West, Gary Darling, Bob Davidson, Tom Hallion) - 23

178 Ejections: 81 Manager, 79 player, 18 Coach ejections
Top 3 Reasons for Ejection: Balls/Strikes (88 Ejections), Safe/Out (42), Unsportsmanlike-NEC (16)
Cumulative Ejection Quality of Correctness: 83 Correct, 63 Incorrect, 32 Irrecusable: Accuracy = 56.8%
Most Ejections in a Month: 42 (August) / Least Ejections in a Month: 15 (April)
Day of Week with Most Ejections: Sunday (32), Saturday (31), Wednesday (30), Tuesday (26)
Inning with Most Ejections: 7th (28), 8th (25), 9th (23), 5th (22) / Fewest: 1st (8), 10th (8), 4th (10), 2nd (14)
Ejections by Half of Inning: Top (86), Bottom (92) / By Field: Offense (97), Defense (81)
Ejections by Umpire Position: HP (127), 1B (31), 3B (12), 2B (8)
Most Ejected Team: Red Sox (13), Tigers (12), Dodgers (11) / Least Ejected: Mariners/Diamondbacks (2)
Ejection's Influence on Game: Prior to... W (40), L (100), Tie (38) / After... W (61), L (117) [W +21 / L +17]
Ejected Player's H-AB: 18-143, Batting Average of .112

Umpire Ejection Leaders
1. Gary Darling - 8
2. Angel Campos - 7
3. Bob Davidson, Brian Knight - 6
5. Dan Bellino, Tim Tschida, Jerry Layne, Sam Holbrook, Jeff Nelson, Paul Emmel, Marty Foster, D.J. Reyburn, Alsonso Marquez, Lance Barrett - 5

Umpire Points
1. Angel Campos - 21
2. Gary Darling - 18
3. Sam Holbrook - 14
4. Tim Tschida, Alfonso Marquez - 13
6. Larry Vanover - 12
7. Lance Barrett - 11
8. Tony Randazzo, Mike Everitt - 9
10. Dan Bellino, Ed Hickox, Tim McClelland, CB Bucknor, Marty Foster, Mike Estabrook, Doug Eddings - 8

1. Larry Vanover - 100% (3/3)
2. Tony Randazzo, Ed Hickox, Tim McClelland, CB Bucknor, Doug Eddings - 100% (2/2)


mbosschaart said...

Third place! Good season so far :)

UmpsRule said...

Could we have a list of all the umps who had 0 ejections this year? I think the biggest shocker on that list would be Angel Hernandez!

Lindsay said...

Zero Ejections: Lance Barksdale, Ted Barrett, Phil Cuzzi, Gery Davis, Dana DeMuth, Chris Guccione, Angel Hernandez, Adrian Johnson, Ron Kulpa, Ed Rapuano, Jim Reynolds, Brian Runge, Jim Wolf (AAA: John Tumpane, Cory Blaser).

umpire7 said...

I recommend Bob Davidson for most improved umpire of the year.

tmac said...

i'm looking forward to the year end awards!!!

Great job this year to all of my collegues on the Appeals board and to the site directors for making this another great season!! I really enjoyed it!! Can't wait for the postseason!!

UmpsRule said...

Thanks Gil. It only took you 7 minutes! I'm impressed! Not surprised to see Davis, Runge and Barret on that list. Am surprised about Hernandez, Cuzzi, Guccione and Kulpa. Also, I think Balkin Bob should be a candidate for most improved.

Anonymous said...

Balkin bob or cb bucknor for most improved
most declining- tim timmons

UmpsRule said...

Why Tim?

TXWrangler said...

I'm new here, but is there a "Worst Strike Zone" award? I'd definitely nominate Larry Vanover for that one!

Cricket said...

Crew assignments out yet?

chris said...

the stats are amazing and i find them interesting,
funny thing is there is no real common denominator except that it looks like if you have someone ejected, it prolly means you're losing if i'm reading this correct,

Bryan said...

Don't be surprised that since we are short on umps via injury etc. I could see the same 6 man crew working BAL v TEX AND BALOR TEX V NYY, same can be said for STL V ATL AND STL OR ATL V WSH

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