Saturday, November 16, 2013

NBA Ejections: Marc Davis, Marat Kogut & Michael Smith

Referees Marc Davis (crew chief), Marat Kogut (R) and Michael Smith (R2/umpire) ejected Pacers forward Chris Copeland and Bulls forward Carlos Boozer for unsporting technical fouls in the 4th quarter of the Pacers-Bulls game. With 0:21.9 remaining in the 4th period, a double technical foul was issued to Boozer and Copeland for a charged physical altercation. At the time of the ejection, the Bulls were leading, 110-94. The Bulls ultimately won the contest, 110-94.

Wrap: Indiana Paceers vs. Chicago Bulls, 11/16/13
Video: Copeland and Boozer are deemed to have fought with time running out in the 4th


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