Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 UEFL Prop Predictions: Opening Day Edition

UEFL Prop Predictions return in 2014 as Opening Night Baseball stands on deck. Prop Predictions are yet another way to earn League points during the season and are side wagers as to events that may happen at some point during 2014. For instance, a Prop Prediction that reads, "Date of: First Marlins ejection" may be answered with "April 25." If the date of the first Marlins ejection indeed occurs on April 25, the member responding with that date will win the Prop Prediction and receive a specified amount of points. Multiple winners would each receive that specified amount of points. To enter your prop predictions for 2014, consult and submit this form. Alternately, you may reply to this post if you are unable to access the form. Prop Board No. 1 must be submitted by Monday, March 31, at 11:00 AM Pacific Time.

For reference, Prop Board No. 1: 2014 Season is included below.
 1. Name of Umpire: First regular season ejection (1-5 points, sliding scale)
 2. Date of: First ejection of a non-player and non-manager (2 points)
 3. Date of: First ejection for Throwing At and/or Fighting (2 points)
 4. Date of: Umpire Jordan Baker's first ejection of 2014 (2 points)
 5. Name of Manager: First ejection of April 2014 (1-5 points, sliding scale)
 6. Team Requesting First Instant Replay Review IN APRIL (2 points)
 7. Reason for first ejection of 2014 (1-5 points, sliding scale)
 8. Date of: First Cardinals ejection (2 points)

For more information about Prop Predictions, including a sliding scale explanation, see UEFL Rule 4-6.


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