Friday, October 17, 2014

Roster: 2014 World Series Umpires

The umpire assignments for MLB's World Series are now available. MLB has not yet issued its official press release; however the Associated Press has confirmed our rumor posting.

The World Series Umpiring Crew is listed in its Game 1 configuration. Overall, the World Series crew features four regular season crew chiefs and four first-timers, the most since the 1996 World Series. Five of the seven umpires chosen for this crew scored better than the league average in Replay Review Affirmation Rate (RAP); the second-best performing umpire in Replay eligible for the World Series received the assignment.

World Series (WS) - San Francisco Giants (NL) vs. Kansas City Royals (AL) - Game 1 Config.
HP: Jerry Meals* (2 Previous + 4 World Series = 6) [T-34th/8th: .556, 10/18] (Games 1-2, then Replay).
1B: Eric Cooper (6 Previous + 4 World Series = 10) [T-11th/4th: .700, 7/10].
2B: Jim Reynolds (9 Previous + 4 World Series = 13) [T-15th/T-5th: .667, 14/21].
3B: Ted Barrett* (14 Previous + 4 World Series = 18) [57th/13th: .455, 10/22].
LF: Hunter Wendelstedt (19 Previous + 4 World Series = 23) [4th/2nd: .846, 11/13].
RF: Jeff Kellogg* -cc (15 Previous + 4 World Series + 1 Crew Chief Assignment Bonus = 20) [T-43rd/10th, .500].
Replay: Jeff Nelson* (22 Previous + 4 World Series = 26) [T-38th/9th: .533, 8/15] (Games 1-2, then LF).
Replay Assistant: Brian O'Nora.

Crew Chosen by You via UEFL Poll: Dale Scott -cc, Ted Barrett, Jim Wolf, Hunter WendelstedtJeff Nelson, Jeff Kellogg, Chris Guccione. 4/7 Correct Predictions. (Chris Guccione was the #1 Replay Umpire in 2014).

-cc denotes Crew Chief, *asterisk denotes regular season Crew Chief, BOLD TEXT denotes first WS assignment. Instant Replay Review scores listed in [League Rank/League Rank of Umpires Eligible for World Series who Worked Division Series: RAP, Affirmed/Total Chances] following points. Per UEFL Rule 4-3-c, all umpires selected to appear in the World Series shall receive four bonus points for this appearance; crew chief shall receive one additional bonus point for this role (five points total). Note that the WS Replay Assistant does not receive additional points for this role.


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