Saturday, July 18, 2015

Rangers-Astros Bench-Clearing Produces No Ejections

Houston, Texas: A bench-clearing shoving match between the Rangers and Astros during the 9th inning of Saturday's Rangers victory proved much ado about nothing as the 50-person argument at home plate dissipated without disciplinary action from Chief Gerry Davis' umpiring crew.

A delay dispute cleared the seats.
The dispute began when Rangers batter Rougned Odor failed to timely enter the left-handed batter's box, drawing protest from Astros catcher Hank Conger and HP Umpire Tony Randazzo, the former standing up to confront Odor as Randazzo stepped in between the duo and Rangers on-deck batter Prince Fielder ran in to pull Conger away before pushing Odor out of the fray.

Replays indicate that at one point, Rangers Manager Jeff Banister and Astros skipper AJ Hinch appeared to grab eachother's jerseys and yell as 2B Umpire Phil Cuzzi attempted to break up the argument, before being joined by Randazzo and 1B Umpire Will Little.

Odor was not charged an automatic strike for failing to timely occupy the batter's box, pursuant to a pre-season directive stating players may be warned by the league or fined $500 for delaying the game in such a fashion. Less than a month after the season began, however, MLB and the player's association agreed to reset the warning and fine penalties with each new series, effectively meaning Odor (and all MLB players) started anew after the All-Star Break.

Time of Odor's delay into the batter's box before Conger stepped up to confront him: About seven seconds.
Total delay caused by both benches clearing after Conger stood up: About two minutes, 56 seconds.
Video: Conger and Odor have a disagreement at home plate, resulting in a 9th-inning bench clearer (HOU)


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