Monday, July 11, 2016

UEFL Standings & Perfect Crew - All-Star Break Update

The All-Star Break is here and the season's first half stats are set.

The following contains the UEFL Standings through the 2016 All-Star Break and metaphorical midway point of the 2016 regular season, as well as the "perfect crew," or sequence of five umpires that, if drafted together, would have yielded the draftee the most points.

UEFL League standings ranged from a low of -12 to a high of 46, with an average/mean of 17 points (45th place), median of 15 points (T-48th place) and a mode of 28 points (T-10th place).

UEFL Standings, All-Star Break 2016 (Refer to UEFL Portal: 2016 Standings for a complete list)
1. BSBALLUMP - 46 pts (Chief West, Primaries Hallion & Wendelstedt, Secondaries Guccione & Nelson).
2. fvb6 - 38 points (Crew Chief West, Primaries West & Bellino, Secondaries Carapazza & Guccione).
3. Denny Crane - 37 pts (Chief West, Primaries Layne & Bellino, Secondaries Wendelstedt & Hallion).
4. Jeremy407 - 36 (CC Hirschbeck, Prm Nelson & Tumpane, Sec G Gibson & Wendelstedt).
5. SALjones - 34 (CC West, Prm Hallion & Bellino, Sec T Barrett & Drake).

Notes: Seven of the Top 10 UEFL'ers selected Joe West as their Crew Chief.
>> Seven of the Top 10 crews included Dan Bellino as a Primary Umpire.
>> Six of the Top 10 crews (and all Top 5 crews) featured a regular season crew chief as a Primary Umpire.
>> Five of the Top 10 crews featured Hunter Wendelstedt in some capacity (either PRM or SEC).
>> The highest-ranked crew to feature an MiLB Umpire was JROD (10th place/28 pts; Carlos Torres).

The following "perfect crew," if selected, would net its owner 56 points (most Express points possible):
Crew Chief: Joe West (14 points) [2nd Best: Gary Cederstrom (11); 3rd: Hallion/Vanover (tied, 10)].
Primaries: Jeff Kellogg & Quinn Wolcott (12 pts) [3rd: Porter/Barry (11); 5th: Wendelstedt/Tumpane (10)].
Secondaries: Alan Porter & Scott Barry (9 pts) [3rd: Wendelstedt/Tumpane (8); 4th: Everitt/Gucci (7)].

The highest ranked AAA/MiLB Call-Up umpires at the break: Pat Hoberg & Ramon De Jesus (8 pts).
The lowest ranked MiLB: Clint Fagan (-2 pts); Nic Lentz & Tom Woodring (-1), [Seven Tied] (0).
The lowest ranked Crew Chief (Crew Division): Jerry Meals & Dale Scott (-6 points).
The lowest ranked Umpire, overall: Jerry Meals & Laz Diaz (-9 pts); Gerry Davis (-6), L Barrett (-5).


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