Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Arizona Fall League Umpire Roster for 2016 AFL Season

The Arizona Fall League will be officiated by the following umpires from Minor League Baseball, as selected by the Umpire Development Program (formerly PBUC), and chosen from Triple-A's 2016 International (IL) and Pacific Coast League (PCL) umpiring staffs:

> Ryan Additon, IL, Davie, Florida.
> Travis Eggert, PCL, Gilbert, Arizona.*
> Ramon De Jesus, PCL and MLB Fill-In, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
> John Libka, PCL, Port Huron, Michigan.
> Shane Livensparger, IL, Jacksonville Beach, Florida.
> Nick Mahrley, PCL, Phoenix, Arizona.*
> Gabe Morales, PCL and MLB Fill-In, Livermore, California.
> Roberto Ortiz, IL and MLB Fill-In, Orlando, Florida.*
> Garrett Patterson, PCL, Scottsdale, Arizona.
> Alberto Ruiz, PCL, Las Vegas, Nevada.*
> Ronnie (Ron) Teague, PCL, Cypress, Texas.
> Tom Woodring, PCL and MLB Fill-In, Las Vegas, Nevada.

* Denotes this umpire also worked the 2016 MiLB Postseason.
The 2016 AFL's 12 Umpires are comprised of: Nine PCL, Three IL, and Four MLB Fill-In.

Hometown information from REFEREE Magazine.


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