Monday, March 6, 2017

2017 World Baseball Classic Umpire Roster

The 2017 World Baseball Classic umpire roster features an international selection of umpires split into six-person crews assigned to each pool (Marlins Park, for instance, may use additional personnel due to its proximity to Grapefruit League Spring Training). The following list of umpires assigned to officiate the 2017 WBC will be updated as the tournament progresses. Pictured to the right is Czech Republic umpire Frantisek Pribyl, one of a record-five European umpires invited to participate in the 2017 WBC. The others are Winfried Berkvens (Netherlands), Michael Ulloa (Spain), Jens Waider (Germany), and Fabrizio Fabrizi (Italy).

First Round's Pool A (Gocheok-dong, Seoul, South Korea)
Ted Barrett (USA) [History: 2009 WBC, 2013 WBC (Championship Round - San Francisco)]
Brian Knight (USA) [History: 2006 WBC (1st Round - Tokyo), 2013 WBC (1st Round - Phoenix)]
Frantisek Pribyl (Czech Republic)
DJ Reyburn (USA) [History: 2013 WBC Qualifier (Taiwan)]
Brett Robson (Australia) [History: 2017 WBC Qualifier (AUS), 2014 MLB Opening Series]
Chikara Tsugawa (Japan) [History: 2014 MLB-Japan All-Star Series]

First Round's Pool B (Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Cory Blaser (USA)
Su Won Choi (Korea) [History: 2013 WBC Qualifier (Taiwan)]
Fabrizio Fabrizi (Italy)
Todd Tichenor (USA) [History: 2013 WBC (1st Round - Phoenix)]
Larry Vanover (USA) [History: 2009 WBC]
Jens Waider (Germany) [History: 2013 WBC Qualifier (Jupiter, Florida)]

First Round's Pool C (Miami, Florida, United States of America)
Edgar Estivision (Panama) [History: 2013 WBC (1st Round - Miami & Championship - SF)]
Tripp Gibson III (USA)
Edwin Hernandez (Puerto Rico) [History: 2006 WBC]
Dan Iassogna (USA) [History: 2009 WBC]
Jesus Miller (Mexico) [History: 2013 WBC (1st Round - San Juan, PR)]
Mark Wegner (USA) [History: 2009 WBC, 2013 WBC (2nd Round - Miami)]

First Round's Pool D (Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico)
Dan Bellino (USA) [History: 2013 WBC (1st Round - San Juan, PR])
Santos Castillo (Dominican Republic)
Doug Eddings (USA)
Winfried Berkvens (Netherlands)
Michael Ulloa (Spain) [History: 2013 WBC Qualifier (Germany), 2013 WBC (1st Round - Phoenix)]
Quinn Wolcott (USA) [History: 2013 WBC Qualifier (Jupiter, Florida)]

Second Round's Pool E (Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Cory Blaser (From First Round Pool B)
Trevor Grieve (Canada) [History: 2013 WBC (1st Round - Taiwan & Championship - San Francisco)]
Felix Tejada (Dominican Republic) [History: 2013 WBC (1st Round - Fukuoka, Japan)]
Todd Tichenor (From First Round Pool B)
Larry Vanover (From First Round Pool B)
Jens Waider (From First Round Pool B)

Second Round's Pool F (San Diego, California, United States of America)
Edgar Estivision (From First Round Pool C)
Tom Hallion (USA) [History: 2006 WBC]
Byung-Ju Kim (Korea)
Will Little (USA) [History: 2013 WBC Qualifier (Germany)]
Bill Miller (USA) [History: 2009 WBC, 2013 WBC (Championship Round - San Francisco)]
Masanobu Sasaki (Japan) [History: 2014 MLB-Japan All-Star Series]
Hunter Wendelstedt (USA) [History: 2009 WBC]

Championship Round (Los Angeles, CA, USA)
Lance Barksdale (USA) [History: 2009 WBC, 2013 WBC (First Round - Taichung, Taiwan)]
Eric Cooper (USA) [History: 2009 WBC, 2013 WBC (First Round - San Juan, Puerto Rico)]
Edgar Estivision (From First Round Pool C & Second Round Pool F)
Rob Drake (USA) [History: 2006 WBC]
Trevor Grieve (From Second Round Pool E)
Byung-Ju Kim (From Second Round Pool F)

Umpire list above will be updated as the WBC tournament progresses.


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