Friday, September 15, 2017

MLB Ejections 176-177 - Jordan Baker (Lackey, Contreras)

HP Umpire Jordan Baker ejected Cubs pitcher John Lackey and catcher Willson Contreras (ball three call; QOCN) in the top of the 5th inning of the Cardinals-Cubs game. With two out and two on (R1, R2), Cardinals batter Carlos Martinez took a 2-2 cutter from Lackey for a called third ball before singling into center field on the ensuing pitch. Replays indicate the 2-2 pitch was located over the outer half of home plate and thigh-high (px .216, pz 2.107 [sz_bot 1.535 / MOE 1.618, sz_top 3.371 / MOE 3.288]), the call was incorrect.* At the time of the ejections, the Cardinals were leading, 2-1. The Cubs ultimately won the contest, 8-2.

This is Jordan Baker (71)'s fifth, sixth ejection of the 2017 MLB regular season.
Jordan Baker now has 11 points in the UEFL Standings (15 Prev + 2*[2 MLB - 4 Incorrect Call] = 11).
Crew Chief Bill Welke now has 0 points in Crew Division (0 Previous + 0 Incorrect Calls = 0).
*The pitch was located 5.868 vertical inches and 6.384 horizontal inches from being deemed a correct call.
*The pitch is represented by green circle #5 in the accompanying diagram.
^Contreras threw his mask, which bounced and struck Baker's leg. Brett Lawrie received a four-game suspension in 2012 for spiking his helmet into plate umpire Bill Miller after an ejection in Toronto.
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This is the 176th, 177th ejection report of 2017.
This is the 78th player ejection of 2017. Prior to ejection, Lackey's line was 4.2 IP, 2 ER.
This is the 79th player ejection of 2017. Prior to ejection, Contreras was 1-2 (SO) in the contest.
This is Chicago-NL's 4/5th ejection of 2017, 4th in the NL Central (CIN, MIL, PIT 6; CHC 5; STL 4).
This is John Lackey's first ejection since September 10, 2014 (Tom Hallion; QOC = Y [Balls/Strikes]).
This is Willson Contreras' first career MLB ejection.
This is Jordan Baker's 5/6th ejection of 2017, 1st since Sept 4 (Darren Bush; QOC = Y [Balls/Strikes]).

Wrap: St. Louis Cardinals vs. Chicago Cubs, 9/15/17 | Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Baker banishes beleaguered battery because of brazen ball blowup  (CHC)
Second Video: Lackey confronts Baker on 2-2 pitch, charges after RBI hit (CHC & STL)


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