Saturday, April 28, 2018

Injury Scout - Cory Blaser Out Sick in Chicago

Cory Blaser was a late scratch Saturday afternoon in Chicago due to illness.

After serving as third base umpire during Friday night's Brewers-Cubs game, Blaser was unable to attend Saturday's proceedings, leaving his crew shorthanded for the early start at Wrigley Field.

As such, the three-person umpiring crew Saturday consisted of HP Umpire Eric Cooper, 1B Umpire and Crew Chief Gary Cederstrom, and 3B Umpire Stu Scheurwater. Due to the timing of the absence, no minor league umpire was immediately available to start in Blaser's place.

Relevant Injury History: N/A.

Last Game: April 27 | Return to Play: May 3 | Time Absent: 5 Days.


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