Sunday, April 29, 2018

UEFL Invokes Midseason Replacement Provision for Emmel

It is now one month since the regular season began, and since Paul Emmel last appeared (in Spring Training).

At this time, the UEFL is invoking League Rules 1-2-b and 1-5-b for any team owners who have drafted Emmel and wishes to replace him on their crews. The membership voted during last year's Rules Summit to allow owners to replace an umpire who has been absent for 30 days or longer during the regular season.

Midseason replacement approved for Emmel.
Because Emmel is a crew chief, two separate injury clauses have been invoked: one for Crew Chiefs and one for Crew Chiefs/Primary/Secondary umpires.

Emmel's regular crew features Bruce Dreckman, Chad Fairchild, and Mike Eestabrook.

Alfonso Marquez, the usual number-two umpire for Sam Holbrook's crew, has served as acting crew chief in Emmel's absence and on Emmel's crew for the first month of the regular season.

UEFL Acceptable Replacement Procedure
If your Crew Chief is Paul Emmel and you wish to make a replacement, pursuant to UEFL Rule 1-2-b, you may select Alfonso Marquez as your crew chief; OR,

If you own Paul Emmel in any capacity (Crew Chief, Primary, or Secondary), and you wish to make a replacement, pursuant to UEFL Rule 1-5-a, you may select any umpire who has fewer points than Scott for that classification.

Emmel has zero points in Primary and Secondary classifications, and zero points in Crew Division.

List of Legal Replacements (as of April 29, 2017; Subject to Change After This Date)
Crew Division - Eligible Replacement Crew Chiefs (ranked by UEFL points, in parentheses):
Marquez, Alfonso (3) [Rule 1-2-b replacement]
Everitt, Mike (-1) [Rule 1-5-a replacement]
Holbrook, Sam (-1) [1-5-a]
Kellogg, Jeff (-1) [1-5-a]
Davis, Gerry (-2) [1-5-a]
Hallion, Tom (-3) [1-5-a]
Wegner, Mark (-4) [1-5-a]

Primaries & Secondaries - Refer to UEFL Standings (umpires must have less than 0 UEFL points)

To effect a midseason replacement, post a comment to this announcement indicating your username, classification to be changed (Crew Chief, Primary, or Secondary), and proposed replacement name.


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