Monday, October 15, 2018

Trenton's Team - Eddings Meets 7-Year Old Fan

MLB umpire Doug Eddings returned to his Las Cruces, New Mexico home after his Braves-Dodgers NL Division Series and met with a young fan from the area. Seven-year-old Trenton Garrison has complex congenital heart disease and can't play baseball, so he started following umpires.

Trenton's family lives in Albuquerque, reports KTSM, and traveled to Las Cruces for a baseball tournament just as Eddings returned from Atlanta. The Garrisons met Eddings at his home, where Doug gave Trenton several gifts, including hats, shirts, and other game-used gear from the 2018 NLDS.

But before Trenton left, Eddings had one last piece of advice for the aspiring umpire:

"When people ask you if you can count, tell them, 'only to three'...We like strikeouts, not walks."

Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Las Cruces, NM report on Eddings' meeting with ump fan Trenton Garrison (KTSM)


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