Saturday, May 4, 2019

Injury Scout - Replacement Rule for Jerry Layne

Jerry Layne was scratched from the Padres-Braves starting lineup shortly before game-time in Atlanta on April 30, leaving a crew of three to officiate that evening as plate umpire Jordan Baker worked with Chad Whitson and Acting Crew Chief Hunter Wendelstedt. MLB flew Paul Nauert in from Philadelphia to join the crew on May 1, assigning Jeremie Rehak to join Fieldin Culbreth's crew to fill Nauert's slot in the Tigers-Phillies series.

Accordingly, we have invoked UEFL Rule 1-5-b for Layne, which authorizes umpire replacement under certain circumstances during the regular season pertaining to extended absence.

Layne is a Crew Chief, which means UEFL members may own him in Crew Division and/or as a Primary or Secondary Umpire.

If you drafted Layne in any form and wish to make a replacement at this time, the following procedure will take place.

UEFL Acceptable Replacement Procedure
If your Crew Chief is Jerry Layne, you may select any Crew Chief listed below.
If your PRM/SDR is Jerry Layne, you may select any primary/secondary umpire below.

Layne has zero points in Primary and Secondary classifications, and -3 points in Crew Division.

List of Legal Replacements (as of May 4, 2019; Subject to change after this date)
Crew Division - Eligible Replacement Crew Chiefs (ranked by UEFL points, in parentheses):
Wendelstedt, Hunter (1) [Rule 1-2-b replacement]
Davis, Gerry (-3) [Rule 1-5-b replacement]
Meals, Jerry (-8)

Primary/Secondary - Refer to UEFL Standings (umpires must have less than 0 UEFL points).
Presently: Baker, Conroy, Culbreth, Davis, Fairchild, Guccione, Hernandez, Hickox, Knight, Morales [PRM only], Rehak [PRM only], Timmons, Whitson [PRM only], Wendelstedt (-1); Additon [PRM only], Barber, T Barrett, Welke (-2); Cooper (-4).

To effect a midseason replacement, post a comment to this announcement indicating your username, classification to be changed (Crew Chief, Primary, or Secondary), and proposed replacement name.


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