Thursday, December 19, 2019

Tmac - Perceptions in Panama or Perilous Precipitation

A pair of perilous plays in Panama produced parallel perceptions of procedural process as umpires correctly officiated an out/safe call at second base followed by the decision to enter a rain delay.

Neither of the calls were particularly controversial from an objective point of view—the runner was safe at second because the fielder failed to firmly and securely possess the baseball in his glove prior to the runner's arrival (upheld via replay), while the rain and field conditions all but necessitated a stoppage of play—but perceptions abounded with the umpires' handling of these two situations.

Sure the calls were correct, but could the crew have looked better making them?

In this Teachable Moment, tmac talks about situation handling and game management: the out/safe call at second was fine and the safe mechanic was fine, but how should an umpire react to a dissenting player afterward?

For example, the Official Baseball Rules' General Instructions to Umpires concludes with, "Finally, be courteous, impartial and firm, and so compel respect from all."

Calling for the tarp was proper, as well, yet could this situation have turned out differently and what of the visiting manager's post-tarp argument?

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Alternate Link: Teachable - Perceptions in Panama and Situation Handling (CCS)


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