Monday, October 5, 2020

2020 AL and NL Division Series Umpire Roster

MLB announced its American and National League Division Series umpire roster as Major League Baseball's 2020 postseason continues. The crews of six umpires, supported by Replay Officials who do not join on-field umpires for their best-of-five ALDS and NLDS.

Crew Chiefs are indicated in bold text and by the -cc suffix, regular season crew chiefs with an asterisk (*), interim crew chiefs with a degree (°), and first Division Series assignments by the tag (^1st Division Series^). The following crews are presented in their Game 1 rotation, such that umpires assigned to the plate in Game 1 move to right field for Game 2, left field for Game 3, third base for Game 4, and second base for Game 5.

Umpires assigned to HP, 1B, and 2B, thus, are guaranteed to work home plate during the series, with umpires starting at 3B and LF scheduled for decisive Games 4 and 5, respectively, and if necessary. Due to baseball's unique 2020 postseason format, MLB has assigned an unprecedented number of umpires to the postseason. The Division Series is the second round of four.

AL Division Series A (Tampa Bay Rays vs New York Yankees) Umpires:
HP: David Rackley ^1st Division Series^
1B: CB Bucknor [Game 2 Plate]
2B: Mark Carlson° -cc [Game 3 Plate]
3B: Todd Tichenor [Game 4 Plate]
LF: Marvin Hudson° [Game 5 Plate]
RF: Mike Estabrook ^1st Division Series^

AL Division Series B (Oakland Athletics vs Houston Astros) Umpires:
HP: Tripp Gibson
1B: Ed Hickox [Game 2 Plate]
2B: Jerry Meals -cc [Game 3 Plate]
3B: Laz Diaz° [Game 4 Plate]
LF: Ron Kulpa° [Game 5 Plate]
RF: Adrian Johnson

NL Division Series A (Los Angeles Dodgers vs San Diego Padres) Umpires:
HP: Lance Barrett ^1st Division Series^
1B: Angel Hernandez° [Game 2 Plate]
2B: Bill Miller -cc [Game 3 Plate]
3B: Doug Eddings [Game 4 Plate]
LF: Alfonso Marquez* [Game 5 Plate]
RF: Quinn Wolcott

NL Division Series B (Atlanta Braves vs Miami Marlins) Umpires:
HP: Andy Fletcher
1B: Dan Bellino [Game 2 Plate]
2B: Mark Wegner -cc [Game 3 Plate]
3B: Bill Welke° [Game 4 Plate]
LF: Chris Guccione [Game 5 Plate]
RF: Stu Scheurwater ^1st Division Series^

ALDS and NLDS Replay Officials: Adam Hamari, Brian Knight, DJ Reyburn, Carlos Torres.

Pursuant to UEFL Rule 4-3-c, umpires selected to appear in the Division Series receive two bonus point for this appearance, while postseason crew chiefs receive an additional bonus point, but replay officials who do not appear on the field (e.g., Wild Card & Division Series replay personnel) do not receive points for this role.


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