Sunday, May 2, 2021

Rhys Hoskins' HR Overturned to Double in Philadelphia

With New York leading 8-5 in the bottom of the 9th inning of Sunday's #Mets-#Phillies game, Philadelphia's 1B Rhys Hoskins appeared to tie the score with a 3-run home run, only for umpires to overturn the call to a double upon Replay Review. Was this the rules-correct decision?

The Play: With two out and two on (R1, R3), Philadelphia was down to its last two strikes when Hoskins appeared to tie the game on an Edwin Diaz fastball with a three-run home run to deep right-center field, ruled a home run by 1B Umpire Jose Navas. After a Crew Chief Review, Replay HQ overturned Navas' ruling and HP Umpire Andy Fletcher signaled that New York had awarded Hoskins a double.

Ground Rule
: According to MLB's Ground Rules for Citizen's Bank Park in Philadelphia, a ball that strikes the top of the outfield fence or scoreboard and rebounds onto the playing field shall be ruled in play. The railing/chain link fence at the top of the wall in Philadelphia is considered part of the outfield fence.

Replay Decision: Clear and convincing visual evidence indicates the batted ball struck the top of the railing and caromed back onto the playing field, resulting in an overturned call. Placing baserunners was the most difficult decision for New York, but with two outs, the Replay Official, finding that runner R1 Matt Joyce was running on contact, properly awarded Joyce three bases (scoring a run), ruling that had the umpires called Hoskins' hit in play, Joyce would have scored. The Replay Official also placed Hoskins at second base—a literal ground rule double.

Aftermath: Ensuing batter Bryce Harper struck out swinging, stranding tying run Hoskins on base to end the game with a Mets victory, final score 8-7.


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