Sunday, September 26, 2021

MLB Ejection 185 - Bill Miller (4; Mike Shildt)

HP Umpire Bill Miller ejected Cardinals manager Mike Shildt (infield fly rule/changed out/safe/"Time" call by 2B Umpire Doug Eddings; QOCN) in the bottom of the 9th inning of the #Cardinals-#Cubs game. With one out and two on (R1, R2), Cubs batter Frank Schwindel hit a 1-0 slider from Cardinals pitcher Giovanny Gallegos in the air along the third-base line, dropped in fair territory and ruled an infield fly as Cubs baserunners R2 Austin Romine advanced to third base and R1 Rafael Ortega advanced to second base. Replays indicate the batted ball fit the criteria of an infield fly (less than two out, R1 & R2, fair fly ball that could have been caught by an infielder employing ordinary effort) and that the Cardinals fielders tagged the bases, as in a force play, instead of tagging the runners, but also tagged Cubs runner Ortega after Ortega stepped off second base; although 2B Umpire Eddings called "Time" prior to the tag out (and no runner may be tagged out in this fashion while the ball is dead), the play was not subject to being declared dead in accordance with OBR 5.12 (Calling "Time"), the call was incorrect. At the time of the ejection, the Cardinals were leading, 4-2. The Cardinals ultimately won the contest, 4-2.

This is Bill Miller (26)'s 4th ejection of 2021.
Bill Miller now has 8 points in the UEFL Standings (8 Prev + 2 MLB - 2 Incorrect-Crewmate = 8).
Crew Chief Bill Miller now has 7 points in Crew Division (7 Previous + 0 Incorrect Call = 7).

This is the 185th ejection report of the 2021 MLB regular season.
This is the 84th manager ejection of 2021.
This is St Louis' 4th ejection of 2021, 4th in the NL Central (MIL 16; CIN 12; CHC 8; STL 4; PIT 3).
This is Mike Shildt's 5th ejection of 2021, 1st since July 25 (Ron Kulpa; QOC = N [Replay Review]).


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