Sunday, May 15, 2022

2022 No-Hitter 3, Alfonso Marquez (1; CIN Combined)

HP Umpire Alfonso Marquez called Reds pitchers Hunter Green and Art Warren's combined no-hitter in Pittsburgh, a 1-0 Cincinnati loss to the Pirates, joined by 1B Umpire Shane Livensparger, 2B Umpire Ramon De Jesus, and 3B Umpire Lance Barrett.

Because Cincinnati pitchers did not surrender a base hit to any Pittsburgh batters over the course of the entire game (they did, however, walk six, leading to Pittsburgh scoring the only run of the game in the 8th inning when Pirates batter Ke'Bryan Hayes grounded into an RBI force out with the bases loaded), this is the rare combined no-hitter loss.

This game featured an ejection.

The UEFL f/x look:
Balls: 93 called balls outside strike zone / 3 called balls within strike zone = 93/96 = 96.9% accuracy.
Strikes: 40 called strikes within strike zone / 3 called strikes outside strike zone = 40/43 = 93.0%.
Total Raw Accuracy Score: 133/139 = 95.7% accuracy (+0 Neutral [favored neither CIN nor PIT]).


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