Saturday, October 8, 2022

Cleveland Lost Track of the Count & Lost a Replay Review

During the 12th inning of its AL Wild Card Game 2 win against Tampa Bay, Cleveland lost a manager's challenge of 1B Umpire Quinn Wolcott's safe call on a pickoff play at first base then several outs later lost track of the count during Guardians batter Andres Gimenez's at-bat that ended in a strikeout.

Replay Review opted to rule "call stands" on Wolcott's safe call on Cleveland pitcher Enyel De Los Santos' attempted pickoff of Rays baserunner R1 Harold Ramirez, and we briefly discuss the keyhole angle issue which is quite difficult to acquire through movement during such a quickly-developing play.

As for the count—our third lost count in as many weeks—HP Umpire Adam Hamari and the scoreboard in Cleveland both appeared to have the correct count, but Gimenez appeared to mistakenly believe strike three was actually strike two and/or that it was only the second out of the inning. Perhaps it's time to give batters ball/strike indicators as well.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: After Chicago and Washington, we've lost track of the count in Cleveland too (CCS)


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