Thursday, October 6, 2022

Rosters - 2022 AL and NL Wild Card Series

Major League Baseball assigned 24 umpires to the 2022 American and National League Wild Card Series round of the MLB postseason featuring Guardians-Rays & Blue Jays-Mariners (AL) and Cardinals-Phillies & Mets-Padres (NL) matchups. Crew Chiefs for this round of the postseason include Ted Barrett, Jerry Meals, Jeff Nelson, and Alfonso Márquez.

Crew Chiefs are indicated in bold text and by the -cc suffix with regular season crew chiefs denoted by an asterisk (*) while those working their first postseason will be noted with a ^1st^ mark. The following listings feature Game 1 configurations such that the plate umpire from Game 1 will work right field in Game 2, and all other umpires will move clockwise (e.g., 3B becomes 2B). 

AL Wild Card (Cleveland Guardians @ Tampa Bay Rays) Umpires:
HP: Doug Eddings [Game 1 Plate]                 [3rd Wild Card, 6 DS, 1 LCS, 1 WS]
1B: Adam Hamari [Game 2 Plate]                 [3rd Wild Card, 1 DS]
2B: Quinn Wolcott [Game 3 Plate]                [3rd Wild Card, 3 DS]
3B: Ted Barrett* -cc                                     [6th Wild Card, 12 DS, 9 LCS, 5 WS]
LF: Hunter Wendelstedt                                [2nd Wild Card, 5 DS, 4 LCS, 1 WS]
RF: Chad Whitson ^1st^                               [1st Wild Card]

AL Wild Card (Toronto Blue Jays vs Seattle Mariners) Umpires:
HP: Lance Barrett [Game 1 Plate]                 [3rd Wild Card, 2 DS]
1B: Todd Tichenor [Game 2 Plate]               [3rd Wild Card, 5 DS, 2 LCS, 1 WS]
2B: Brian Knight [Game 3 Plate]                 [3rd Wild Card, 4 DS]
3B: Jerry Meals* -cc                                   [3rd Wild Card, 9 DS, 3 LCS, 2 WS]
LF: Andy Fletcher                                        [3rd Wild Card, 2 DS]
RF: Roberto Ortiz ^1st^                               [1st Wild Card]

NL Wild Card (St Louis Cardinals vs Philadelphia Phillies) Umpires:
HP: DJ Reyburn [Game 1 Plate]                 [2nd Wild Card, 3 DS]
1B: Vic Carapazza [Game 2 Plate]             [2nd Wild Card, 5 DS, 1 LCS]
2B: Mike Muchlinski [Game 3 Plate]        [2nd Wild Card, 3 DS, 1 LCS, 1 WS]
3B: Jeff Nelson* -cc                                  [6th Wild Card, 8 DS, 9 LCS, 4 WS]
LF: Laz Diaz*                                            [3rd Wild Card, 7 DS, 4 LCS, 3 WS]
RF: John Libka ^1st^                                [1st Wild Card]

NL Wild Card (New York Mets vs San Diego Padres) Umpires:
HP: Adrian Johnson [Game 1 Plate]       [2nd Wild Card, 4 DS]
1B: Chris Guccione [Game 2 Plate]       [6th Wild Card, 7 DS, 4 LCS, 2 WS]
2B: Chris Conroy [Game 3 Plate]          [3rd Wild Card, 2 DS, 2 LCS, 1 WS]
3B: Alfonso Márquez* -cc                    [3rd Wild Card, 11 DS, 5 LCS, 4 WS]
LF: Bruce Dreckman                              [1st Wild Card, 5 DS, 2 LCS]
RF: Ben May ^1st^                               [1st Wild Card]

Wild Card Series Replay Review: Dan Bellino, Rob Drake, Manny Gonzalez, Mark Wegner*.
Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Umpires assigned to MLB's 2022 AL and NL Wild Card Series games (CCS).


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