Thursday, December 15, 2022

2022 CCS Year-End Umpire Awards Selections

After compiling your votes, Close Call Sports bestows its 2022 Year-End Umpire Awards on the umpires you identified as best in various categories, including Crew Chief, Fill-In, Most Improved, Honorable, Promising, and, of course, the best overall umpire of the year.

(Top) Umpire of the Year: Pat Hoberg (45.0%)
Other Vote Getters: Alan Porter (22.8%), Tripp Gibson (10.7%).

Pat Hoberg receives the 2022 CCS Umpire of the Year Award for best overall umpire, after calling a perfect game (129/129 pitches for 100% accuracy) during Game 2 of the 2022 World Series. Not only was it Hoberg's first-ever World Series on-field appearance, it was also the first-ever Perfect Game recorded on the public-facing pitch track system during the "zero-error" era.

Seven Other Awards follow (via "
Ejection of the Year: Ron Kulpa's dual managerial ejections of Cleveland's Terry Francona and Los Angeles' Phil Nevin during a September game are the 2022 ejections of the year, all in one concise video package. The ejection began with a check swing vs hit-by-pitch and denied Manager's Challenge request (Francona) and concluded with Nevin's ejection for arguing a pace of play issue relative to an Angels pitcher trying to throw warm up pitches when Kulpa wanted to resume gameplay.

Promising Umpires of the Year: Jeremie Rehak (11.4%) & Adam Hamari (9.5%).
Others Receiving Votes: Nic Lentz (7.2%), T Gibson (5.1%), Hoberg (3.8%), John Tumpane (3.4%).
Jeremie Rehak and Adam Hamari are the 2022 Promising Umpires of the Year after solid seasons that culminated with new postseason assignments (Rehak worked his first League Division Series and Hamari his first League Championship Series).

Bernice Gera Honorable Umpire: Tripp Gibson (16.8%).
Others: Chris Guccione (15.2%), Ted Barrett (5.6%), Tumpane (4.0%), Dan Bellino (3.2%).
Tripp Gibson is the 2022 Bernice Gera Honorable Umpire. This follows Gibson's return visit to his hometown of Mayfield, Kentucky after a tornado tore through the town saw Gibson and fellow big league umpire DJ Reyburn assist local community members in cleaning up in preparation for a significant rebuilding effort.

Fill-In Umpire of the Year: Junior Valentine (14.1%).
Others: Shane Livensparger (13.3%), Nick Mahrley (12.6%), Jose Navas (10.4%), Edwin Moscoso (8.9%).
Junior Valentine is the 2022 Fill-In Umpire of the Year, having worked nearly the entire MLB season and turning in quality plate performances. This bodes well for Valentine's hiring chances as the full-time staff prepares for a healthy number of offseason retirements in 2022-23.

Most Improved Umpire of the Year: Bruce Dreckman (8.8%).
Others: Brian Knight (8.0%); Adrian Johnson (5.6%); Jordan Baker, T Gibson, Andy Fletcher (4.8%).
Bruce Dreckman is the 2022 Most Improved Umpire of the Year, returning to the postseason for the first time in several years after a successful 2022 regular season campaign.

Crew Chief of the Year: Dan Iassogna (33.1%).
Others: Mark Wegner (14.3%), Marvin Hudson (13.5%), Alfonso Marquez (12.0%), T Barrett (7.5%).
Dan Iassogna's first World Series Crew Chief assignment turned out well as Iassogna is the 2022 Crew Chief of the Year. His regular season performance and tutelage of young umpires on his crew helped Iassogna earn this award.

Most Disappointing Season: Doug Eddings (10.7%).
Others: CB Bucknor, Tom Hallion (9.9%); Jeff Nelson (8.3%), Kulpa (6.6%).
Every so often a postseason award seemingly defies conventional metrics, and this is such an award. Doug Eddings receives the 2022 Most Disappointing Season award, and chances are a subpar regular season October plate score had something to do with it. Nonetheless, Eddings also put up one of the highest plate scores this season (in May) and was assigned his second-overall League Championship Series and first since 2005.

Video as follows:

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