Wednesday, May 24, 2023

A Textbook Ejection with Umpire Patience and Firm Warning

High-A HP Umpire Jaylen Goodman's ejection of Jersey Shore BlueClaws manager Greg Brodzinski for arguing a fair ball call vs Wilmington exemplified patience by allowing the aggrieved skipper time to make his point, a firm warning when it was time to move on, and finally a proper follow-through on the ejection when the manager failed to heed the warning and instead followed the umpire who was walking away (as opposed to an umpire walking toward a player who is walking away).

This ejection serves as a contrast to the umpire-walks-after-player ejection from Cincinnati.

The ordinarily-calling umpire on the fair/foul call down the right field line, 1B Umpire Warren Eubanks did not see where a line drive hit over his head landed. After making no call, he pivoted toward second base to take the batter-runner (it's a two-person crew in this High-A game), while HP Umpire Goodman reportedly signaled fair so that someone from the crew had a call on that play.

Brodzinski argued afterward and, after a lengthy discussion, was warned and  ultimately ejected by Goodman. As the non-ejecting umpire, Eubanks stood to the side until the ejection occurred and it was time to escort Brodzinski off the field, but did so in a way where he allowed Brodzinski to speak while making his way back to the dugout.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Ejection in High-A Jersey Shore follows proper non-combative procedure


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