Saturday, April 30, 2011

Discussions: Missing Melvin Mora

Last night's game in Arizona provided today's discussion point. Anonymous wrote to us:
Discussion maybe?

Similar to the Randy Marsh call on Brandon Inge in the one game Twins v. Tigers playoff in 2009. Probably blew that game for the Tigers.

Interesting one here, you might remember Gorman blowing one of these in the ALCS last year when it hit Swisher's foot and he didn't call it. Molina went wild and almost got heaved. Anyways, might be interesting one.
The pitch was certainly inside to Mora, and certainly was not an obvious HBP in real time. HP Umpire Gorman ruled Mora was not HBP and not entitled to first base. (If possible) After only watching the realtime play, what is your call? Does it change after watching the slow motion, zoomed in replay? Unfortunately for Mora's Diamondbacks, after leading 2-0 at the time of this play, the Cubs scored four unanswered, to win the contest, 4-2.


Anonymous said...

What a tough call to make. I don't blame Gorman for calling it a no-HBP. Personally, I think the jersey touch is a BS way to get a HBP, and I'm always glad to see when that slight touch is "missed."

Anonymous said...

I thought this might be something interesting to discuss:
Really not sure what the correct call would be- it seems odd that the fielder would have the option to play it or call it a double??

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