Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ejections: Todd Tichenor (1)

HP Umpire Todd Tichenor ejected White Sox Manager Ozzie Guillen for arguing a strike three call in the top of the 1st inning of the White Sox-Yankees game. With two out and one on, White Sox batter Paul Konerko took a 2-2 fastball from Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon for a called third strike. Replays indicate the pitch was located knee high and over the inner half of home plate, the call was correct. At the time of the ejection, the contest was tied, 0-0. The Yankees ultimately won the contest, 3-1.

This is Todd Tichenor (97)'s first ejection of 2011.
Todd Tichenor now has 4 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (0 Previous + 2 MLB + 2 Correct Call = 4).
Todd Tichenor is owned as a Secondary Umpire by Scumpire, who is now tied for 5th place in the UEFL with 3 points.

This is the 16th ejection of 2011.
This is the 9th Manager ejection of 2011.
This is Guillen's 26th career ejection.



Pitch f/x courtesy Brooks Baseball


John said...

What's Ozzie doing? Must have wanted to take the day off.

thexfactor264 said...

Isn't Todd Tichenor MiLB for scoring purposes? I thought since MLB hasn't announced his promotion, he would be considered a minor league call up

Lindsay said...
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Lindsay said...

@thexfactor264, It's actually the opposite. Since Tichenor is expected to remain on the full time crew for the majority (if not all) of the season, we decided to consider him MLB. By doing so, we're hoping to ensure no league members gain an unfair advantage by Tichenor continuing to receive his AAA bonus. By taking his bonus point away, we're accounting for the fact that he's more or less a full time guy. The purpose of the bonus point is to "subsidize" those who chose AAA umps as their draft picks since the AAA guys are expected to be part timers and won't have as much opportunity. Since Tichenor looks to be a full timer right now, he doesn't get the bonus point.

From the UEFL 2011 Draft Results post:

**Accepted rule interpretation, in re: Rules 2, 4.a: An umpire listed on the MLB Crew or MLB Roster list shall be considered a MLB umpire for the purpose of scoring and secondary draft eligibility. These umpires may not receive the "AAA scoring bonus," as specified in Rule 4.a.

Dan said...

Wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured some people might be interested. Just a suggestion, but maybe here on the new site we can have a section to post and discuss plays like this that don't result in an ejection, but are still notable plays.

Marvin Hudson made an awful call in the Mets/Nationals game tonight. Jose Reyes was sliding into third base on a triple, and Hudson called him out, because he said Reyes came off the base. Replays clearly showed that his hand was in contact with the base the whole time. And I'm honestly not sure how Hudson could have missed it, since he was standing right there, and had a perfect view.

A big argument ensued. You had Reyes, third base coach Chip Hale, and manager Terry Collins yelling at Hudson. Collins accidentally bumped Hudson when he came out to argue, which I imagine he'll be hearing from the league about. Reyes threw down his helmet, and was screaming in Hudson's face, before he restrained by Hale. But shockingly, Hudson didn't eject anyone.

Here is video of the play with multiple replays showing the tag and the hand never leaving the base:

I was amazed that Reyes and/or Collins didn't get run there. Is it because Hudson had an idea in his head that he might have screwed up, so he was going to allow more? Or is he just known for being a lot more tolerant than most umpires? If that had been a West, or a Davidson, you know those two would have been gone in a heartbeat, bad call or not.

Anyway, thought this was an interesting turn of events, and I found the fact that Hudson didn't eject anyone to be more fascinating than the call itself, which was a pretty cut and dry terrible call.

thexfactor264 said...

@Gil Thanks for the clarification!

Jon Terry said...

The Big League Stew post about this call, written to criticize Ozzie, called the umpire Tim Tichenor instead of Todd.

Anonymous said...

the highlight of that video was when the pitch came in on replay, harrelson was about to comment about how low the pitch was and pitchtrax said it hit the bottom of the crow, hawk! lol

John said...

Can I nominate "Hawk Harrelson is a POS" for a discussion thread? We have YEARS of good material.

Jack said...

@John re: nominating "Hawk Harrelson is a POS" for discussion. LOL. Classic.

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