Thursday, January 12, 2012

NCAA Basketball: Arizona vs. Oregon State Shoving Match Leads to Technical Fouls and an Ejection

Referee Michael Eggers ejected Arizona Wildcats center Kyryl Natyazhko and Oregon State Beavers forward Joe Burton for leaving their respective team's bench area during a fight late in the Oregon State-Arizona basketball game. With the Wildcats leading 77-73 in overtime, Wildcats guard Kyle Fogg completed a fast break layup for two points while being fouled by Beavers guard Jered Cunningham. Fogg and Cunningham received a pair of technical fouls, while Natyazhko and Burton—on the bench at the time—were ejected for entering the court during a fight situation. At the time of the ejection, the Wildcats were leading, 79-73. The Wildcats ultimately won the contest,  81-73.
This is the second consecutive game against the University of Arizona that Beavers forward Joe Burton has been ejected. When the Beavers played the Wildcat's during last season's Pac-10 Conference Tournament, Burton was ejected after throwing an elbow at Kevin Parrom's face.

Wrap: Oregon State Beavers at Arizona Wildcats, 1/12/11
Video: Fogg is fouled, receives technical for reacting or taunting as does Cunningham, Natyazhko ejected


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