Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ejection 040: James Hoye (1)

HP Umpire James Hoye ejected A's Manager Bob Melvin for arguing a hit by pitch call in the bottom of the 7th inning of the A's-Giants game. With none out and one on, Giants batter Ryan Vogelsong squared around to bunt a 0-0 fastball from A's pitcher Tyson Ross. Replays indicate that as Vogelsong attempted to retract his bunt, the pitch struck his bat, resulting in Melvin leaving the dugout to argue the play. Several batters later, during a double switch and pitching change, Melvin reignited the argument, resulting in his immediate ejection, the call is irrecusable.* At the time of the ejection, the Giants were leading, 4-0. The Giants ultimately won the contest, 4-0.

This is James Hoye (92)'s first ejection of 2012.
James Hoye now has 2 points in the UEFL (0 Previous + 2 MLB + 0 Irrecusable Call = 2).
Crew Chief Jim Joyce now has 3 points in the UEFL's Crew Division (2 Previous + 1 Irrecusable Call = 3).
*After review, the Reason for Ejection has been deferred ("HBP/Foul" ==> "Repeat Visit").
*Per Rule 6-2-b-5-b, also known as the DiMuro Rule, repeat visit ejections are considered Unsportsmanlike-NEC under Rule 6-2-b-5 and carry a Quality of Correctness of irrecusable.

UEFL Standings Update

This is the 40th ejection of 2012.
This is the 25th Manager ejection of 2012.
This is Bob Melvin's second ejection in three days.
This is the 25th ejection of May 2012.

Wrap: A's at Giants 5/19/12
Video: Melvin tossed after reigniting argument with Hoye over hit by pitch vs. foul ball play
UEFL Video:


Anonymous said...

The ejection is up, but the play in question is not included somehow.

Anonymous said...

At the time of the play in question, the score was 0-0. At the time of the ejection, it was 4-0. I'm guessing the Melvin told Hoye those runs were on him.

Call was incorrect, as the ball definitely hit the bat.

UmpsRule said...

Yay! My favorite ump getting in on the action! Go James Hoye!

But in all seriousness, I can't believe that Bob Melvin has done a real good job of building up goodwill with the umps these past few days. First, he yells and screams at Diaz and now he waits until after the fact to get tossed. Hoye handled the ejection well.

Arik said...

Lets not forget that this is Melvin's second ejection in... what... three days?

Arik said...

Here is the EJ on the MLB page for the Oakland A's:

Might just be my favorite ejection of the year. Come out to make double change. Hoye signals to bring in new F1. Melvin walks away, looks back, and then says something. Hoye gives him the heave. LOL

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Call should be irrecusable

Anonymous said...

Is Bruce Dreckman still injured, is he still in the minors, and where is john Hirschbeck and his wide strike zone?

Big Marc said...
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JPINFV said...

Challenge: Inappropriate use of the Balls/Strikes pitching change exemption. Rule 6-5-d deals only with called strikes and called balls. A foul ball vs hit by pitch does not fit into this paradigm. Furthermore, if it was to be applied, then the total rule should be applied. Was James Hoye accurate in 66% or more of the foul balls and hit by pitch possible in the inning?

Similarly, while the "post-inning ejection" rule is tempting, the ejection did not occur "during an inning break immediately following the half inning in which the play to be argued occurred" (6-5-c(2)), thus the post-inning ejection rule cannot be applied.

While expanding the pitching change/pause in action/mound visit or the post-inning exemption rule to any ruling involving a pitched ball is reasonable, that is not how the current rules are constructed. Since this is not a ball vs called strike situation and the ejection occurred after the game had resumed, but not during a break between innings, the ruling should be changed to "correct" and "Unsportsmanlike Conduct-NEC" or the evaluation must be done against something occurring during the preceding play or must be applied to called strikes vs balls.

Anonymous said...

Where is the original play that started all this????

tmac said...

@ anon 12:06 John Hirscbeck has cancer and is out for the year.... Drekman is injured and is expected back around the all-star break... Could be sooner or later.... Vic Carrapazza is the full-time fill in for drekman during his absence!

Lindsay said...

After review, the challenge of Reason for Ejection has been summarily affirmed. Summary appeals rulings are not formerly voted upon; the record for all summary decisions shall reflect one casting vote and no additional votes.

This Summary Decision withdraws the Post-Inning Exemption, which may be applied directly and for an ejection during a pitching change as per Rules 6-5-c and 6-5-d-2, though is superceded by Rule 6-2-b-5-b, also known as the DiMuro Rule.

Rule 6-2-b-5-b governs repeat visit ejections, mandating a Reason for Ejection of Unposrtsmanlike-NEC (Rule 6-2-b-5) if a manager, coach or player engages in a second or subsequent argument, resulting in ejection, concerning the same play that was argued during the first visit.

In summary, tmac wrote simply: "The rules do not allow us to rule on this play."

Reason for Ejection has been deferred in summary judgment; this appeal has been affirmed.

tmac said...

@ jpenfv: well said... you're HIRED!!

Turducken said...

Shouldn't Hoye have +2 instead of -2?

UmpsRule said...


Who is replacing Hirschbeck?

Lindsay said...

@UmpsRule, Jim Joyce is replacing Hirschbeck. Porter/Muchlinski/Reyburn is replacing Joyce.

UmpsRule said...

Thanks Gil. I'm guessing this would indicate Joyce is next in line to receive a crew chief promotion.

Anonymous said...

Wendelstedt ejected tim dillard in brewers twins game. More points for me haha.

Anonymous said...

Will someone call a BALK?! The A's pitch is quick pitching. Where's Balking Bob Davidson?!

JPINFV said...

Umm. The pitcher came set (albeit not for long, but no time limit is required) and then delivered the ball to a batter who was ready to receive said ball. That's not a balk nor a quick pitch.

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