Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ejection 130: Brian O'Nora (2)

HP Umpire Brian O'Nora ejected Padres 3B Chase Headley for Unsportsmanlike-NEC in the bottom of the 4th inning of the Giants-Padres game. With one out and one on, Headley took a 1-0 fastball from Giants pitcher Jose Mijares for a called strike. Through replays indicate the pitch was located significantly off the outer edge of home plate (px of 1.249), Headley did not argue the call until two batters later, the call was irrecusable. At the time of the ejection, the Padres were leading, 3-1. The Padres ultimately won the contest, 7-1.

This is Brian O'Nora (7)'s second ejection of 2012.
Brian O'Nora now has 6 points in the UEFL (4 Previous + 2 MLB + 0 Irrecusable Call = 6).
Crew Chief Tom Hallion now has 6 points in the Crew Division (5 Previous + 1 Irrecusable Call = 6).

UEFL Standings Update

This is the 130th ejection of 2012.
This is the 55th player ejection of 2012. Prior to his ejection, Headley was 0-3 in the contest.
This is the Padres' 4th ejection of 2012, T-2nd in the NL West (LAD 11; SD, SF 4; AZ, COL 2).
This is Chase Headley's first ejection since July 4, 2011 (Tim Timmons; QOC = Incorrect).
This is Jeff Nelson's first ejection since July 29 (Bobby Valentine; QOC = Correct).
This is the 13th ejection since Monday, August 13.

Wrap: Giants at Padres, 8/19/12
Video: Headley argues and is ejected by O'Nora en route to his defensive position after the 4th (Soon)

Pitch f/x courtesy Brooks Baseball


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dick Enberg is a major league dumbass: "That's what happens when you're not good, you throw people out." At least, unlike Hawk, Enberg has a first name that describes him extremely well.

Zac said...

Enberg is one of the biggest douchebags calling games, and that is saying something. He is a complete tool.

Lindsay said...

This challenge has been summarily denied. Irrecusability is codified as UEFL Rule 6-2-b-5, while the statute of limitations regarding an argument period is prescribed by Rule 6-5-c. This is not eligible for review.

The Original Ruling has been affirmed, 1-0.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, Dick Enberg is a legendary announcer. Is there any announcer on here that people like? All I see is people calling them giant douchebags all the time.

Anonymous said...

Vin Scully seeing as he's the one guy who has actually READ THE RULE BOOK!

Lindsay said...

@ Anonymous 3:19 PM, in our 2011 poll "Best Broadcasters," 45% of respondents voted Vin Scully Dodgers) as the best broadcaster in Major League Baseball. The complete results of that poll were:

Vin Scully (Dodgers), 45%
Chip Caray/Joe Simpson (Braves), 12%
Jon Miller/Duane Kuiper/Mike Krukow (Giants), 12%
Len Kasper/Bob Brenley (Cubs), 11%
Buck Martinez/Pat Tabler (Blue Jays), 10%
Michael Kay/Ken Singleton (Yankees), 7%
Mario Impemba/Rod Allen (Tigers), 6%
Gary Cohen/Keith Hernandez/Ron Darling (Mets), 4%
Thom Brennaman/Chris Welsh (Reds), 4%

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the response Gil. As to the "read the rulebook" reply, I'm not really sure where Dick Enberg missed any rules? He criticized. Calling people douchebags who have seen more baseball (and sports in general) than probably anyone on here just seems a bit ridiculous to me.

Anonymous said...

Zac, you are a tool. Where's my boy Curt Crowley to come lecture you again?

UmpsRule said...

Enberg may be a good announcer, but he has developed a reputation as being quite critical of umpires. He does not deserve the harsh criticism he has received above, but he could stand to be a little more fair in his treatment of umpires.

Anonymous said...

Another case of a guy going into the clubhouse to check the video and starting a delayed argument? If so, more proof it's become the new ejection trend of 2012.

How about MLB implementing some sort of rule (it's up to the professionals to word it properly) that not only calls for an automatic ejection, but an automatic one-game suspension for a ejections resulting in disputes from a prior play, or maybe prior inning? If you can't argue balls and strikes, why not that? I know it would be hard to come up with a workable way to legislate this, but this is an ugly trend.


UmpsRule said...

@ Anon 4:36

A very good idea.

Anonymous said...

O'Nora's second ejection of the season (Bobby Valentine) and really is a guy that doesn't eject many- but i agree it has become a trend this year

Anonymous said...

why would there we a suspension? I mean the reason that balls and strikes are not arguable is because they the strike zone is all a judgement call- if a player sees that an umpire is wrong then he should have the right to argue just if he had argued right after the disputed play- or if a player looks at the big screen at the stadium and sees the call was missed- i think it should be an automatic ejection but not a suspension!

Anonymous said...

There would be a suspension because it would stop guys from arguing 10 or 20 minutes later, after they've had a chance to see replays from five different angles and in super-duper slo mo on the gigantic HD TV in the clubhouse.

Really, what are they trying to accomplish when they do that? The idea is just dumb and doesn't do anything good for the game. And it seems to be happening with increasing frequency.

MattAB said...

Is Dick Enberg the guy who didn't know what a balk was earlier this year? OK, I'm being kind of hyperbolic, but, is he the guy on the Padres feed who just could not fathon why Lance Barret called a balk on Clayton Richard? The one where Richard stepped directly to home and threw to first, and the announcer did the whole "why is that a balk? because it's a great move" routine. If that's the same guy, then I have to say, with my limited exposure to him, he does at least seem to have the capacity to delve into some pretty brutal commentary. That Richard balk was about as cut and dry as balks go, but he was still trying to convince the viewers that it was a perfectly legal move. That, to me, is the definition of hackery, when you feign ignorance of basic rules to try to drive your point home and fit your agenda. Then again, I don't even know if that was Dick Enberg on that video, so can anyone let me know if that was him, or if it was someone else.

Unknown said...

Headley thinks being the top player on a terrible team makes him a super star. That strike had absolutely no impact on that AB. He ended up with a good pitch to hit and popped up.

As for Engberg, one should have some empathy for him. After all, most of us know that someone with a full diaper is going to be cranky.

Curt Crowley said...

@5:59, Three reasons why MLB will not impose automatic suspensions under these circumstances:

1. The players' union won't tolerate it.

2. Arbitrators would summarily reverse and render the suspensions on equity grounds, which would embarrass baseball.

3. Public Relations--In the event of an incorrect call, the public would never understand suspending a player for telling the umpire "you f----d it up," while doing nothing to the umpire for screwing it up in the first place. It would violate the public's inherent sense of fairness, thereby causing a PR problem. Oversimplified? Yes, but so is the public.

Anonymous said...

If watching a replay and then arguing gets a player an automatic suspension, then a wrong call that results in an ejection should be an automatic suspension for the umpire.

But that will never happen.

Anonymous said...

Dick Enberg, just a thought, if you're a bad announcer you end up working for the Padres!

UmpsRule said...

@ Anon 7:09

That is so ridiculous, it is not funny.

Curt Crowley said...

@4:02, here's my response to Zac:

Dick Enberg

Partial list:

13 Emmys (only sportscaster in history to receive Emmys in three different categories)
Lifetime Achievement Emmy
Nine-time National Sportscaster of the Year (nssa)
Five-time Sportscaster of the Year (asa)
National Sportscasters And Sportswriters Hall of Fame
Pete Rozelle Award
Curt Gowdy Award

Enberg's resume is the topic of books. Zac's resume fits on one side of a 3x5 index card.

So who's the douchebag again?

Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson, partial list:

6 People's Choice Awards
3 Australian Film Institute Awards
2 Academy Awards
2 ShoWest Awards
Etc. etc.

Resume might be great, but arrest record, racist behavior and serious domestic violence issues have nothing to do with it.

Just because someone's all rich & famous doesn't mean they're all God's gift to man.

Unknown said...

Comparable to this one:
Awards and honors

Joe Paterno statue that formerly stood in front of Penn State's Beaver Stadium. The statue was removed by the university on July 22, 2012 and placed in secure storage inside the stadium. Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year – 1986
Amos Alonzo Stagg Coaching Award (United States Sports Academy (USSA)) – 1989, 2001[28]
Amos Alonzo Stagg Award (AFCA) – 2002
AFCA Coach of the Year – 1968, 1978, 1982, 1986, 2005
Associated Press College Football Coach of the Year Award – 2005
Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award – 1981, 2005
Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year – 1978, 1982, 1986
George Munger Award (Div. I Coach of the Year) – 1990, 1994, 2005
Paul "Bear" Bryant Award – 1986
Sporting News College Football Coach of the Year – 2005
The Home Depot Coach of the Year Award – 2005
Walter Camp Coach of the Year Award – 1972, 1994, 2005
Dave McClain Big Ten Conference Coach of the Year – 1994, 2005, 2008
NCAA Gerald R. Ford Award – 2011[29] (revoked by NCAA) [30]

Anonymous said...


Regarding that specific call against Clayton Richard, the issue is that the move he made does not get called across the board. While the move is definitely a balk, are the players/announcers going to really think its a balk if the first 300 times he does it, it does not get called? That is one of the situations where I understand the frustration that is expressed from players, managers, and announcers. It doesn't make the criticism they dish out correct, but its not as bad as some situations (i.e. Hawk Harrelson).

Anonymous said...

Zac, take a seat.

Crowley 1, Zac 0.

The REAL Bob Loblaw said...

Geez Curt, why don't you marry the guy then?

Do you always have to be the token contrarian of the board? We could have monkeys on typewriters making your posts by now. Freshen up your game some kid, I'm falling asleep over here.

I don't even post anymore. Why bother? You and your anonymous friends ruined it. I could find more informed, pertinent discussion in the comment section of a Nyan Cat video on youtube.

Crowley, King of the Trolls - 0
Me - 1,000,000,000
Anonymous 7th graders - kissing my A**.

Game, set and match, boys.

Curt Crowley said...

Zac: All that proves is that both you and Enberg have exactly the same amount of experience umpiring professional baseball.

TRBL: the video isn't up, but I'm going to assume O'Nora was correct and that he acted appropriately. O'Nora is usually squared away, and I have no reason to believe he did anything wrong.

I didn't comment because I thought O'Nora was wrong. I commented to address Zac's repeated, outrageously immature comments. It is one thing to disagree vociferously with Enberg's commentary, but Zac's comments were baseless and went well past the point of strong disagreement.

I'm all for smarta-- comments, but that's not what he's doing. The repeated reference to "rats," ordering people off the site even though he doesn't own the place, and attacking other commenters without citing facts is his MO. I, for one, am sick of it. So I let him know.

Bob Effing Loblaw said...

Curt I have to admit I've been impressed with your increased partiality in assessing the ejections as of late and I've come to see a lot of myself, well a younger form of myself, in you. You're a bright kid with a lot of gumption and I respect that. You just need to, as my dad used to put it, learn when to punt on fourth down. People will listen to you if you have the maturity to know when it's a fight you can win and when it isn't. I know I'm not setting a good example right now by continuing a dialogue with you, but I'm personally tired of the great teaching moments (For not only umpires, but players, coaches, fans, and anyone involved with the game) found in EVERY ejection being overshadowed by this juvenile ongoing flame-war.

I implore you, can you and Zac PLEASE exchange email addresses or something? Become facebook pals and what-not, follow each other on tweeter and four square and all of that, and for the love of, heck I don't know... baseball, stop fouling up every single comment board with your childish little spats?

I know it might seem like I'm blindly defending Zac but It's natural because as a guy who's been around a little (notice I said LITTLE), I can tell he's been around a little himself. You could probably learn a thing or two about the pro way from him.

And Zac, lay off the R-word. That word can get you into a lot of trouble, and I speak from experience on that one.

Now are we gonna shake hands boys or do you need to go to time-out?

Double Down for Donuts said...

Headley should have kept his mouth shut, but man, there are a LOT of umpires giving pitchers as much off the plate as I do to little league SPs. No wonder these hitters get frustrated. Methinks some of these guys need to work on their K zone.

Anonymous said...

"Headley thinks being the top player on a terrible team makes him a super star. That strike had absolutely no impact on that AB. He ended up with a good pitch to hit and popped up. "

True, but would he have argued if the call on that pitch was NOT incorrect?

Zac and Curt sitting in a tree said...

I used to have a dog named Zack.

UmpsRule said...

This Zac and Curt stuff is getting out of hand. Just because Enberg has a great reputation, it doesn't prevent him (and hasn't prevented him) from being worse than clueless when it comes to umpires. Still, it does get tiring to see everyone being called a "rat" and these conversations would be so much more beneficial if people didn't sit around calling each other ugly names. Oh, and lay-off the "Crowley 1, Zac 0." It's not a contest.

Zac said...

I will apologize for the back and forth on my part. I shouldn't take the bait of some who are simply here to get a reaction out of some of us. I just have gotten tired of people bashing umpires for doing their jobs and taking care of business on "run of the mill" ejections that shouldn't even get a second look. (I'm not saying that about this particular one as I haven't seen the video)

Anonymous said...

Bobby Lobby How could Zac teach somebody about the pro way when he never been a pro ump?

Turducken said...

Can we get video on either one of these, Gil?

Curt and Zac remind me of two other similar talking heads on ESPN2 from 10:00am - 12:00pm, Monday - Friday.

Zac said...

Anon @ 12:07 said:
"Bobby Lobby How could Zac teach somebody about the pro way when he never been a pro ump?"

I tried to post this earlier but it doesn't show up now, but I can promise you I have more umpiring experience and more professional experience than Dick Enberg does.

Anonymous said...

Zac, what do you know about umpiring besides absolutely squadoosh?

Anonymous said...

2016 presidential canidates: Zac vs Curt

Anonymous said...

Which school did you attend Zac? What is your "professional experience?"

Crowley called you out for being a poser on another post. You said "I have never pretended to be a professional umpire, but I would bet I know how things work a hell of a lot better than you do." July 26, 2012 9:16pm

Which is it Zac?

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