Thursday, August 23, 2012

GCL Umpires Assist with Plane Landing Evacuation

When two rookie MiLB umpires witnessed an airplane's emergency landing in Florida Thursday morning en route to their Gulf Coast League assignment, the first-year umpires stopped and exited their car to investigate, with one assisting the pilot and two passengers in evacuating the aircraft.

Umpires Takahito Matsuda (Seiyo, Ehime, Japan) and George Riedel (Rockaway, NJ) had been travelling to Bradenton, Florida via Interstate-75 when an odd sight brought traffic to a near halt: "The plane in the air caught my eye because it was probably only 30-40 feet off the ground that this point," said Riedel.

News: GCL umpires witness plane landing

When the small Piper Saratoga II TC aircraft landed along the grassy median, Matsuda and Riedel approached the fuselage, Reidel explaining that he and another good Samaritan "kind of put our hands out and helped [the pilot and passengers] get off the plane and onto the ground."

When police determined there were no injuries and no statements were required, Matsuda and Riedel continued their drive to work a doubleheader between the GCL Pirates and Phillies, arriving at the ballpark "all amped up already," said Reidel. Matsuda added: "Today must be the most wild day in this season."

The Pirates won both contests, 6-0 (Game 1; Reidel plate) and 4-2 (Game 2; Matsuda plate).


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