Friday, November 8, 2013

2013 Noteworthy Umpires: Mark Wegner, Dan Iassogna

2013 UEFL Awards: Noteworthy Umpires: Mark Wegner, Dan Iassogna (14, 58)
Voting Results (min. 10%): Wegner 14%, Iassogna 12%, Jim Joyce 11%, Wally Bell 10%, Joe West 10%.

Mark Wegner and Dan Iassogna are the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2013 noteworthy umpires.

In his 15th MLB season, Mark Wegner concluded 2013 with one ejections following a two ejection season in 2012. Wegner's Ejection 082 (6/22) in San Francisco concerned fan interference and its associated runner placement and base award after a spectator reached over the top of a high wall and restraining rail to interfere with a live ball in play. Wegner called his first no-hitter in San Diego (7/13) to a tune of 97.9% accuracy, missing just two pitches thrown by Tim Lincecum; he was 100% percent on called balls. After working the 2013 World Baseball Classic and his second consecutive Division Series, Wegner was named to the 2013 World Series crew, his first Fall Classic.

In his 12th MLB season, Dan Iassogna concluded 2013 with three ejections following a four ejection season in 2012. In Ejection 017 (4/25), Iassogna dismissed Charlie Manuel for arguing an interference no-call by HP Umpire Mark Carlson pursuant to Rule 7.09(j) Comment concerning batter-catcher contact at home plate following a batted ball. The play ran in stark contrast to a 2011 Matt Kemp-Hank Conger collision, Iassogna ruling Kemp out for interference as 7.09(j) Comment did not apply. Iassogna's out call of David Murphy was featured in UEFL Case Play 2013-05, a ball four call during a stolen base attempt. Iassogna was also featured in a REFEREE Magazine profile. During the postseason, Iassogna worked his first Wild Card Game and his second Championship Series.

Mark Wegner now has 12 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (9 Previous + 3 Award = 12).
Dan Iassogna now has 17 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (14 Previous + 3 Award = 17).

The next postseason award, Ejections of the Year, will be released tomorrow.


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