Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AFL Instant Replay Update: Video Reverses Call In Game 2

Instant replay reversed the first safe/out call in professional baseball history during the first inning of Wednesday's Rafters-Scorpions game as baserunner Ryan Brett was awarded second after a stolen base attempt, Brett initially ruled out by 2B Umpire Pat Hoberg. Dan Bellino and Mike Winters served as MLB Replay Umpires for Game 2.

Barber checks with the booth in the 1st.
In total, managers Mike Shildt (Salt River) and Russ Morman (Scottsdale) took a more liberal approach with instant replay on Day 2 of the unlimited challenge AFL experiment, challenging a total of seven plays, three of which were reversed upon video review.

The reversed calls included the aforementioned stolen base attempt (out-to-safe) and another top of the first inning call, a James Ramsey groundout which was initially scored a base hit (safe-to-out). The Ramsey decision effectively ended the frame and negated a Salt River Rafters run, which had scored on the bang-bang play at first base.

In the bottom of the fifth inning, baserunner Kyle Kubitza was doubled off at second base after batter Alen Hanson flew out to center field, replay ruling that Kubitza missed retagging third base on his return to second (safe-to-out). Replays indicate that as 3B Umpire Tripp Gibson ran into left field to call the fly out, 1B Umpire Jeff Gosney and U2 Hoberg converged at second base while HP Umpire Sean Barber remained at home plate, leaving the touch at third fairly uncovered.

The game also saw a rare "double challenge" on Kubitza's triple, as Kubitza's touch of second base and the tag attempt third base were both called into question (both portions of the play were confirmed: Kubitza was found to have touched second, via appeal and replay review, and was safely under the tag at third, via replay review).

After the inning's end, MLB Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations Joe Torre clarified that managers are required to state which part of the play they would like to challenge and that appeals would be unaffected by the reviews process. Though only one aspect of the play would be challenged at once, two parts of the same play were challenged (and affirmed).

Video: Brett tries to steal second, resulting in an out call which was overturned to "safe" after replay
Video: Ramsey loses RBI single after instant replay overturns safe call at first base
Video: Kubitza called safe at third, and then at second upon appeal; two challenges used to affirm the calls
Video: Burns initially ruled safe at first on infield error; call upheld upon consultation of instant replay
Video: Diving catch in center leads to double play after Kubitza misses third on his way back to second
Video: Replay upholds Jarrett Parker's groundout in the bottom of the sixth inning
Video: MLB EVP Joe Torre discusses implementing instant replay, stating "it's not that easy"


Lindsay said...

this is too much. 7 replays?!

Lindsay said...

Im not a fan of these replays, its part of the game to get bad calls, if they fall both ways it isn't even unfair. If you expand it like this you might as well put cameras everywhere and call everything from the footage they provide.

This is too much.

Home runs, foul/fair and catches are enough!

Lindsay said...

I heard they had elephants dancing on giant beach-balls during the 7th inning stretch.

Lindsay said...

They have unlimited replays in the AFL to test out the system as much as possible in the short term. Use in regular season games will have a limited amount of challenges. They want the AFL guys to use the challenges to get a sense of the flow of the system and how long it takes to run the replay protocol.

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