Tuesday, March 4, 2014

2014 UEFL Draft Now Open

The 2014 UEFL Draft is now open and accepting selections. If you have registered for the 2014 season, click here to access the 2014 UEFL Draft form. Note that you will use this same form to draft all umpires (Primary, Secondary & Crew Chief). The form also includes a place to register for the Live Secondary Draft & signups for UEFL Divisional Play (e.g., UEFL Express).

For those who have requested inclusion on the UEFL mailing list, a draft guide will be e-mailed to you this evening. For more information about the UEFL draft and selection process, see the 2014 UEFL Rules Book.

Recall the important deadlines below. Bear mind the Draft form may be submitted by phase-of-draft:

March 13, 2013 (Thursday): Last day to submit unrestricted Primary umpires.
March 13, 2013 (Thursday): Last day to RSVP for the Live Secondary Draft. Sat Mar 15, 3 PM PT.
March 14, 2013 (Friday): Last day to submit unrestricted Secondary umpires (Live Draftees exempt).
March 15, 2013 (Saturday): Live Secondary Draft. 6 PM Eastern / 3 PM Pacific.
March 20, 2013 (Thursday): Last day to submit unrestricted Crew Chief selections.*
March 21, 2013 (Friday): Last day for roster changes (retirements, pre-season injuries, etc.).
*In the event a crew list is not yet available, the crew chief draft period will be extended.

Draft Prospectus / Umpire Profiles: UEFL Profiles of MLB Umpires are now available for the 2014 season. Click here to access the Umpire Profiles page. Click here to access the Historical Data page (UEFL Portal).

Thank you and happy drafting! Please post here with any questions.


Lindsay said...

OK kind of a rookie question, isn't there a little bit of an advantage to selecting a crew chief as a primary umpire?

Lindsay said...

Hypothesis: Crew Chiefs score more Primary points than other umpires.
Data (2013): Top points were Fagan (30), Fairchild (23), Hirschbeck -cc (17), Iassogna (17), Bellino (16), Wendelstedt (16), Darling -cc (15), Bucknor (15), Layne -cc (14), Hernandez (14) and Knight (14).
Data (2012): Top points were Darling -cc (24), Campos (21), Holbrook (18), Davis -cc (15), Marquez (15), Tschida -cc (13), West -cc (13), O'Nora (12), Vanover (12), L Barrett (11), Everitt (11), Randazzo (11), Kellogg -cc (11).
Data (2011): Drake (30), Muchlinski (30), Estabrook (30), Foster (23), Marquez (23), Nelson (22), Wendelstedt (18), Holbrook (18), Bellino (18), Hernandez (17), Guccione (17), Joyce (16).
Conclusion: You decide...

Lindsay said...

What is the "UEFL Express" league?

Lindsay said...

UEFL Express is the same as the traditional UEFL except that Case Play and Prop Predictions aren't include: Express is solely based on umpire points.

Lindsay said...

I was unaware of this and would like to be added to the UEFL Express. Thanks Gil.

Lindsay said...

First year doing this, I hope I've done everything right.

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