Friday, August 1, 2014

MLB Instant Replay Reviews 840-854: August 1, 2014

August 1, 2014 featured the following MLB Umpire Instant Replay Review decisions:

R8401BHudson, Marvin10TEX28Ron Washington3SafeOverturned
R8413BBlaser, Cory9TEX29Ron Washington4SafeOverturned
R8421BWoodring, Tom4CIN21Bryan Price5SafeOverturned
r8432BCarapazza, Vic15TB40Joe Maddon2Not HRStands
R8442BSchrieber, Paul11NYY23Joe Girardi6OutOverturned
R845HPKellogg, Jeff8SF33Bruce Bochy2HBPOverturned
R8461BCederstrom, Gary9MIN27Ron Gardenhire7OutOverturned
R8471BCederstrom, Gary10CWS24Robin Ventura9SafeConfirmed
R8482BLittle, Will15STL24Mike Matheny6SafeStands
R849HPBarrett, Lance14ARI30Kirk Gibson5FoulOverturned
r8502BHickox, Ed9PIT37Clint Hurdle8Not HRConfirmed
r851HPWolf, Jim11LAD29Don Mattingly1OutConfirmed
R8521BRandazzo, Tony9CHC40Rick Renteria3SafeOverturned
R8531BRandazzo, Tony10LAD30Don Mattingly6SafeOverturned
R854HPWolf, Jim12CHC41Rick Renteria6SafeStands

Instant Replay Review Decision Video Clips (
Video 840: TEX@CLE: Chisenhall ruled out after challenge in 3rd
Video 841: TEX@CLE: Aviles out at third after challenge in 4th
Video 842: CIN@MIA: Jones ruled out after challenge in 5th
Video 843: LAA@TB: Loney's double stands after review in 2nd
Video 844: NYY@BOS: Ellsbury safe after challenge in 6th
Video 845: SF@NYM: Hit by pitch overturned in the 2nd
Video 846: MIN@CWS: Dozier safe at first after challenge in 7th
Video 847: MIN@CWS: Dozier confirmed safe at first in the 9th
Video 848: MIL@STL: Segura safe as call stands in the 6th
Video 849: PIT@ARI: Nuno hit by pitch after review in 5th
Video 850: PIT@ARI: Harrison's triple confirmed in the 8th
Video 851: CHC@LAD: Adrian confirmed out at home in the 1st
Video 852: CHC@LAD: Haren thrown out from right field in 3rd
Video 853: CHC@LAD: Rizzo out at first after challenge in 6th
Video 854: CHC@LAD: Puig scores as call stands in the 6th


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