Saturday, August 2, 2014

MLB Instant Replay Reviews 855-868: August 2, 2014

August 1, 2014 featured the following MLB Umpire Instant Replay Review decisions:

r855HPBasner, Toby7OAK34Bob Melvin4OutConfirmed
R8561BSchrieber, Paul12NYY24Joe Girardi6OutOverturned
R8571BTimmons, Tim14SEA30Lloyd McClendon6SafeOverturned
R8582BWinters, Mike10CIN22Bryan Price9OutConfirmed
R8591BCarapazza, Vic16LAA29Mike Scioscia6SafeStands
r860HPVanover, Larry14LAA30Mike Scioscia9OutConfirmed
R8612BRipperger, Mark10CWS25Robin Ventura8OutConfirmed
R8621BReyburn, DJ16SF34Bruce Bochy3SafeOverturned
R863HPBaker, Jordan7HOU23Bo Porter8OutOverturned
R864HPCuzzi, Phil14STL25Mike Matheny9HBPOverturned
R8651BHickox, Ed10ARI31Kirk Gibson2OutStands
r8662BHoberg, Pat7ARI32Alan Trammell3Not HRConfirmed
r867HPReynolds, Jim18ATL20Fredi Gonzalez8OutConfirmed
R8681BRackley, Dave5CHC42Rick Renteria7SafeOverturned

Instant Replay Review Decision Video Clips (
Video 855: KC@OAK: Out at the plate confirmed on Crew Chief Review
Video 856: NYY@BOS: Yankees win challenge at first in the 6th
Video 857: SEA@BAL: Mariners challenge call in the 6th inning
Video 858: CIN@MIA: Reds challenge ruling, which is confirmed in 9th
Video 859: LAA@TB: Angels challenge safe call in the 6th
Video 860: LAA@TB: Umpires review play at plate in the 9th
Video 861: MIN@CWS: White Sox challenge call in the 8th
Video 862: SF@NYM: Giants win challenge in the 3rd inning
Video 863: TOR@HOU: Singleton hits an inside-the-park home run
Video 864: MIL@STL: Hit-by-pitch call overturned in 9th
Video 865: PIT@ARI: McCutchen's sliding catch stands in the 2nd
Video 866: PIT@ARI: Umpires review Peralta's double in the 3rd
Video 867: ATL@SD: Umpires confirmed out at home in the 8th
Video 868: CHC@LAD: Pickoff attempt overturned in the 7th


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